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Heat Pumps

by Green Act

Heat Pumps

by Green Act

A heat pump is actually two pieces of equipment that together enable you to collect the warmth from the ground, air or water and ‘concentrate’ it to heat your home and the water you use for washing.

The two elements are:

the Collector, which harvests the renewable solar energy from the ground, air or stream

the Heat Pump, which concentrates that low-grade energy into a higher temperature, which is then used to heat radiators and/or a hot water cylinder

In a ground-source heat pump system, the collector is a series of pipes buried either horizontally or vertically in the ground. In an air-source system, the collector is an outdoor unit with a matrix of small tubes that a large fan blows air across.

This heat is ideal for under-floor heating where it can be installed as part of a new build or extension. Alternatively it can feed a radiator system: talk to GreenACT for an assessment of the suitability of your existing radiators and hot-water cylinder.

Heat Pumps

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