Edenhall offer facing bricks in a variety of colours and textures. Our technical expertise and flexible production processes allow us to offer a bespoke brick matching service.

Find us at:

Head Office, Danygraig Road Risca
NP11 6DP

Edenhall products

Facing Bricks image
Facing Bricks Edenhall
Darlstone Walling image
Darlstone Walling Edenhall
Tidcombe Redwood image
Tidcombe Redwood Edenhall
Runswick Multi image
Runswick Multi Edenhall
Marlborough Blend image
Marlborough Blend Edenhall
Hemsby Crimson image
Hemsby Crimson Edenhall
Enford Meld image
Enford Meld Edenhall
Coldingham Multi image
Coldingham Multi Edenhall
Cambridge Blend image
Cambridge Blend Edenhall
Buchan Lava image
Buchan Lava Edenhall
Clarence Blend image
Clarence Blend Edenhall
Dunbar Mixture image
Dunbar Mixture Edenhall
Haxton Haze image
Haxton Haze Edenhall
Keysley Meld image
Keysley Meld Edenhall
Montrose Red image
Montrose Red Edenhall
Sussex Blend image
Sussex Blend Edenhall
Sidbury Meld image
Sidbury Meld Edenhall
Montgomery Mixture image
Montgomery Mixture Edenhall
Holkham Red image
Holkham Red Edenhall
Falmouth Multi image
Falmouth Multi Edenhall
Cooper Red image
Cooper Red Edenhall
Cameron Mixture image
Cameron Mixture Edenhall
Bedford Blend image
Bedford Blend Edenhall
Rydale Mixture image
Rydale Mixture Edenhall
Ross Oldbury image
Ross Oldbury Edenhall
Pennard Bracken image
Pennard Bracken Edenhall
Rudyard Cherry image
Rudyard Cherry Edenhall
Saville Red image
Saville Red Edenhall
Solway Blush image
Solway Blush Edenhall
Rushcliffe Berry image
Rushcliffe Berry Edenhall

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