Flooding Advice for Businesses

Flooding is the most common and widespread natural disaster in the UK. Since 1998 there has been at least one serious flood every year.

Christmas time 2015 saw devastating flooding occur in the UK. A report by KPMG estimated the total cost of these floods would be £5bn – £5.8bn.

For any brick and mortar business, falling victim to a flood is something to dread. Recovery can take months. Machinery, stock and furnishings might be damaged beyond repair. Customers will likely look elsewhere while you recover. The government provide advice to businesses on how to prepare and recover from flooding.

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Guide to Office Washrooms

If you own a business we have created a simple, handy and free Office and Workplace Washroom Guide.

The guide will tell you how many toilets you should provide for your staff, regulations and cubicle layouts.

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