How Does BioCote Protection Work On LST Radiator Guards?

Contour is the only UK company to incorporate BioCote®’s antimicrobial protection into LST and Anti ligature radiator guards.

This unique, innovative technology reduces microbes such as MRSA and E.coli by up to 99.9%, providing effective, hygienic and long-lasting protection to Contour LST and Anti-ligature radiator guards.

What Is BioCote®? 

BioCote® is a silver-based antimicrobial technology that is integrated into materials at the manufacturing stage to provide protection against a wide range of microbes such as bacteria, mould and even some viruses. It lasts for the lifetime of the product, is always on and perfectly complements existing cleaning regimes to provide the ultimate hygienic protection.

How Is BioCote® Incorporated Into A Radiator Guard?

BioCote® is integrated into the powder coating of our radiator guards. Discover how our LST radiators are made here.

Our LST radiators are painted using a dry powder coating process, which includes BioCote® antimicrobial technology. This process seals the paint to the surface of the LST and protects it against scratches and damage that could otherwise expose the metals.

In hygiene conscious environments such as schools and hospitals this can reduce the presence of potentially harmful microbes such as MRSA and E.coli which can affect school absenteeism and hygiene.

Our LST radiators are coated with 60 microns thick powder coating as standard but this can also be as thick as 90 microns, giving an even and smooth coating across the entire surface.

Proven Protection

BioCote® has been proven effective against a wide range of microbes, and the technology is used extensively across a wide range of industries. The premium performance of BioCote® is not just supported by laboratory data, but by a wide range of real life case studies in a number of hygiene conscious environments such as hospitals, care homes, schools, food production facilities and more.

Take a look at the Microbial A-Z to see some of the notable microbes BioCote® has been proven effective against.


BioCote® provides protection that makes Contour radiator guards inherently more hygienic, making our products ideal for hospitals, schools, nurseries, care homes and waiting rooms. This level of protection does not replace cleaning, as cleaning should always be done. However it can help reduce the risk of cross contamination, as there are less microbes on the surface that could be transferred to other surfaces.

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