Cheshire Container & Cabin Co.

Cheshire Container & Cabin Co established in 2012 after 30 years experience in some of the countries largest cabin and container providers.
We believe that fairness and unrivalled service make us different from many others as we see ourselves from the customers prospective and always ask ourseves the question; " Would I be happy with that?"
We offer a range of connected services all of which include mobile, temporary and permanent structures.
Sales - Steel shipping containers and portable cabins.
Built here in Cheshire, we offer bespoke portable cabin manufacture.
We sell shipping containers and cabins throughout the UK.
Container-Architecture - Utilising steel shipping containers we manufacture bespoke modular units and complete structures
Modular Buildings - A range of new and pre-owned modular buildings are available to buy.
Stel, plastisol, resin bonded, brick slips and many more exterior finishes available.

Find us at:

Cheshire Container & Cabin Co.
Wingfield, The Heath, Clifton Road

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