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    Blockfly Zeroquattro

    DFM UK
    Zeroquattro is a horizontal-movement pleated insect screen that comes in a preassembled kit with a 4-mm track at floor level. Overall dimensions of only 22 mm! The preassembled kit truly reduces the installation time of pleated insect screens, while the paten...

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    Blockfly Bilaterale

    DFM UK
    Blockfly Bilaterale is the perfect insect screen for large windows and sliding risers. Only 22 mm thick, this model features dual movement that can cover up to 7.5 square meters. The Bilaterale can be fitted with floor-level track from 4 to 8 mm, and it is ava...

    Blockfly Zerootto

    DFM UK
    Zerootto is a horizontal-movement pleated insect screen that comes in a kit containing an 8-mm floor track. The preassembled kit allows for faster installation, while the patented system offers smooth and pleasant movements. The clean and beautiful lines were ...

    Blockfly AC

    DFM UK
    With the AC patented system, two Blockfly Zeroquattro insect screens can be used together, thanks to a special accessory applied to the bottom track that provides a central opening, to perfectly suit your needs. Blockfly AC has all the features of the Zeroquat...

    Blockfly Essegi

    DFM UK
    Essegi is DFM’s insect screen with pleated net that comes in a pre-assembled kit for vertical opening. The patented BlockFly system ensures continuous operation in time, taking up only 22 mm of space. The colour range was put together by the Designer Lucia D...

    Blockfly Front Installation

    DFM UK
    The front installation of Blockfly Zeroquattro and Essegi is what’s new for 2012, for all installers who prefer to work on products in their workshops and install them directly on-site. The design was developed by Roman designer Lucia Di Francesco, and has b...

    Fly-Away Roller Insect Screen

    Warm Protection Products Ltd
    Keep unwanted flying insects at bay with this Fly-Away Roller Insect Screen. Developed with hygiene paramount this Fly-Away Insect Screen simply pulls down to create a safe barrier between you and the outside with the help of a unique fibreglass micro perforat...

    7000 Series Flyscreens

    The fibreglass insect screen can remain retracted out of sight until required, when it is drawn gently downwards and clipped in at the base. The weatherproof construction allows internal or external installations. The system can be side or face fixed, offering...

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    Important criteria to consider when specifying Insect Screens include; Colour(s), Thickness and Thickness.