Walls & Partitions are a key part of any construction project – forming the structure and the load-carrying element of the building. Walls & Partitions are essential in buildings of all sizes and types, including everything from homes, offices, and blocks of flats, through to commercial and industrial properties.

This category encompasses everything from external walls, internal walls, and structural frames, through to façade glazing, structural components and protection, and structural reinforcement.

Whether you’re looking for cavity wall stabilisation, external wall components, curtain wall systems, patent glazing, shopfront screens, fixed partitions, temporary protective partitions, column casings, damp-proof courses, underground glass protection, vapour barriers, lintels, sills, or anything in between, SpecifiedBy will allow you to search and compare the most extensive range of Structural Frames and Walls in the UK marketplace, with minimum effort.

Manufacturers include A Proctor Group, Alcoa, ARC Building Solutions, CWG Choices, Duraflex, Keystone Lintels, NUDURA, and more.

Forte Straight-Sliding

A simple straight sliding system using acoustic absorption wall technology the Forte Straight/Sliding is top hung but offers a floor track if required and can offer multiple panels joined together so that all panels move as one. Suitable for a wide variety of ...

Metza Column Casing

Our Metza column casing range is designed specifically for use with mezzanine floor installations to protect the supporting columns with a purpose designed fire resistant casing. Manufactured using an outer skin of coated steel, lined with dense fire resistant...

Ground Gas Accessories

A Proctor Group
Both the British Standard BS8485:2015 and the CIRIA C735 guidance document emphasise the importance of on site verification to ensure design performance targets for gas membrane systems are met. In order to achieve this, good installation and site practices...

Forte Sliding-Folding

Forte Sliding/Folding is a solid moveable wall of hinged panels either top hung or floor supported, offering the same wide array of stylish finishes shared throughout the entire Forte Range. The manual operation offers a simplistic and low mainenance approach....

GW295 - Horizontal Cavity Trays

Manthorpe Building Products Ltd
Manthorpe’s Horizontal Trays are designed for use in horizontal abutment in new build situations. The GW295 Horizontal Tray is designed for straight horizontal abutments in new build situations. Integral stop ends and a hook feature removes the need for o...

MULTY - Demountable Partitions

Tecno UK
Multy is an innovative partition wall system for dividing and structuring spaces, for creating visual privacy and reducing acoustic impact in offices and work spaces in general. The system comprises a panel which can be configured, combined with others and equ...

Top quality internal glazed timber screens – Natraglaze range

Stemko Group Ltd
If you’re searching for specialists in glazed timber screens, look no further. Our Natraglaze range of screens has a solution for every requirement, from standard screens through to bespoke options tailored to a client’s individual requirements. All our ...

Commercial Aluminium Curtain Walling

Barton Windows Ltd
Barton Windows use both SMART and SENIORS Non-Thermal and Thermally Broken Aluminium Systems on Curtain Walling, a description of each system can be viewed below. The MC Wall is a curtain wall system designed to create a dramatic but practical façade, with t...

Frameshield 100

A Proctor Group
Frameshield 100 is a spunbonded, polypropylene material developed primarily as a breather membrane for use in timber - frame wall construction. Applied in the factory during manufacture or on site, Frameshield 100 affords effective protection of timber frames ...

Flexplus - Demountable Partitions

Tenon Partition Systems
Tenon Flexplus is a fully demountable and re-locatable multi-purpose aluminium partition system that is simple and quick to install providing a cost effective and versatile range of partitioning for use in office environments where a simple, practical office d...
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Did you know that the Mass for products within the Structural Frames & Walls category, can range from 0.142 Kg/m to 22.24 Kg/m and the average is 12 Kg/m?


Tecno UK
WL partitions benefit from Tecno’s vast experience in the field. More than simple divisions of space, they are genuine designtools, interpreting indoor areas where all kinds of work is done and improving the quality and the image of those environments. The ...

Steel Lintel CN102

Corrugated lintel for use in solid or block walls. Offers a cost effective solution for extra light duty loads...

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is manufactured by bonding together two or more layers of high quality float glass under heat and pressure using an interlayer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB). The PVB has no adverse effect on light transmission but absorbs in excess of 99% of ultra...

Printed Glass

Romag employ the latest ceramic printing machinery which is amongst the largest in the glass industry, we have the ability to incorporate endless designs and motifs onto the glass, every design is as unique as our clients with very few restrictions, we can pro...

Elastoseal Basement Tanking System

Elastoseal is an unreinforced elastomeric membrane based on the polymer EPDM for loose laid installation in basements and foundations. It protects any building from penetration of high ground water. Durable waterproofing of basements, foundations and cut-and-...

GW290 - Apex Cavity Trays

Manthorpe Building Products Ltd
Manthorpe's Apex Trays are designed for use in Stepped Tray systems and can be used with all standard brickwork details. The GW290 Apex Tray is the last tray to be fitted and goes at the top of the abutment. It has no up stands at either end and allows the ...

GW296 - Internal Corner

Manthorpe Building Products Ltd
Manthorpe’s Internal Corners are designed for use in horizontal abutment situations when a change of direction is required around an internal corner. The GW296 Internal Corner is used where a straight horizontal cavity tray system is required to change di...

Troax Titan Clean Room Partitioning

Redditch Partitions & Storage Co Ltd
Troax Titan Clean-room Partitioning is specifically designed for clean-room environments and differs from conventional double skin steel partitioning. Its two-line junction between the panels keeps dust traps to a minimum and its powder coated finish is an ide...

Low Permeability Gas Membrane

Visqueen Building Products
Visqueen Low Permeability Gas Membrane (LPGM) offers a safe solution for the protection of buildings against against radon, carbon dioxide and low levels of methane gas when installed in accordance with the relevant codes of practice. Visqueen Low Permeabilit...

Novia VC2 Air Leakage and Vapour Control Layer

Novia Ltd
Novia VC2 AVCL (air and vapour control layer) is a technologically advanced and reinforced air-tight vapour check membrane with an sd value engineered specifically for use in insulated wall, roof and floor applications in timber-framed dwellings.This product p...
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Did you know that the Min Bearing Length for products within the Structural Frames & Walls category, can range from 150 mm to 150 mm and the average is 150 mm?

Novia STRP Reinforced Vapour Control Layer

Novia Ltd
Novia STRP VCL is a high specification reinforced polythene laminate material, suitable for use as a vapour control layer within metal profile clad industrial buildings within the education sector, commercial properties and high specification residential timbe...

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