Walls & Partitions are a key part of any construction project – forming the structure and the load-carrying element of the building. Walls & Partitions are essential in buildings of all sizes and types, including everything from homes, offices, and blocks of flats, through to commercial and industrial properties.

This category encompasses everything from external walls, internal walls, and structural frames, through to façade glazing, structural components and protection, and structural reinforcement.

Whether you’re looking for cavity wall stabilisation, external wall components, curtain wall systems, patent glazing, shopfront screens, fixed partitions, temporary protective partitions, column casings, damp-proof courses, underground glass protection, vapour barriers, lintels, sills, or anything in between, SpecifiedBy will allow you to search and compare the most extensive range of Structural Frames and Walls in the UK marketplace, with minimum effort.

Manufacturers include A Proctor Group, Alcoa, ARC Building Solutions, CWG Choices, Duraflex, Keystone Lintels, NUDURA, and more.

600 Series - Hufcor

Hufcor, Inc.
Hufcor® 600 Series are designed for the installation throughout the world. The durable designs are perfect for large hotels ballrooms, convention centers and exhibition halls. Hufcor 600 Series panels are installed in some of the most prestigious properties t...

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HD Beam - Lightweight Structural Frames

Big Foot Systems
The HD Beam was developed as a lighter weight companion to the HD Cube and comprises 50mm x 50mm x 3mm square hollow sections to minimise beam deflection. Typical applications include large and heavy plant but is equally functional at supporting heavy pipes an...

AIM FF102-50 Intumescent Cavity Barrier

Performance Technology
Designed for installation within rainscreen / timber frame cavities. FF102/50 Intumescent Cavity Barrier are high expansion intumescent cavity barriers for location within 50mm wide ventilated voids. SPECIFICATION Designed for installation within rainscree...

Blast - Bomb Proof High Security Curtain Wall Glazing

Wright Style Limited
Bomb resistant, bomb proof, blast resistant, anti-terrorist, security enhancement - there is a vast range of expressions used - but it all boils down to the same thing; how to protect buildings without making them look like a concrete bunker. The Wrightsty...

MBL - Single Leaf External Walls

Birtley Group
Brand: Birtley Generic Ref: MBL Product Range: Single Leaf External Walls Product Type: Light Duty Meter Box Lintel - 100mm Brick European Standard/ETA: BS EN845-2:2013+A1:2016 Test Standard: EN846-9:2000/2016 Notified Body: Lucideon Ltd (NB 1289) Material: ...

Rack Mounted Guard

McCue International
Our Rack Mounted Guard is an easy-to-install, high-strength solution to protect your racking from the always present the danger of accidental impact. Just wrap the velcro straps around the racking leg and you're done. Operating vehicles around pallet and s...

TF90 - Timber Frame Lintels

Birtley Group
Brand Birtley Generic Ref TF90 Product Range Timber Frame Lintels Product Sub-range 90-105mm Cavity Product Type Standard Duty Timber Frame Lintel - 100mm Outer Leaf European Standard/ETA BS EN845-2:2013+A1:2016 Test Standard EN846-9:2000/2016 Notified Body ...

Procheck 300

A Proctor Group
A lightweight, reinforced, polyethylene, vapour control layer for use within roof and wall constructions to prevent warm, moist air escaping from inside the building and condensing within the insulation. The woven, polypropylene, multifilament scrim reinforcem...

AIM Raised Access Floor Fire Barrier

AIM - Acoustic and Insulation Manufacturing Ltd
Foil faced Rockwool stone wool fire and smoke barrier for the voids beneath raised access floors. AIM Raised Access Floor Fire Barrier prevents fire from spreading under the floor void, for at least the period of fire rating specified. AIM Raised Access Floor...

Aim Fire Stop Blocks

Performance Technology
AIM Fire Stop Blocks are made from high density Rockwool stone wool. Incorporated into the building during construction, they are used to seal apertures and are permanently held in place by compression. They can also be used within metal cladding as a fire bre...
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Did you know that the Thickness for products within the Structural Frames & Walls category, can range from 0.041666666666667 mm to 305 mm and the average is 39 mm?

Steel Lintel CH150/100

Cavity Wall lintel, for 150-165mm Cavity, 100-115mm Inner Leaf, for heavy duty loads...

Steel Lintel CH50/125

Cavity Wall lintel, for 50-65mm Cavity, 125-140mm Wide Inner Leaf, for heavy duty loads...

Hoardfast Standard PVC - Hoardfast temporary internal hoarding

Hoardfast PVC is a temporary quick to install, modular, internal screening system used during fit out and renovation projects to contain dust and noise. Supplied ready to install this hoarding system saves fit out contractors valuable set-up time on site. Hoar...

weberfloor DPM (Damp proofing membrane) — Flooring System

Saint-Gobain Weber
Highly moisture tolerant, epoxy resin damp proof system, especially designed to bond to concrete surfaces even when the concrete is still drying out and containing a high degree of moisture. weberfloor DPM is for application onto concrete and cement based l...

Large Span Curtain Wall Facades

Wright Style Limited
Due to the high static values of our steel profiles, large unsupported areas of glazing can be achieved. The system has been used for 4 metre wide grids and unassisted spans of up to 8 metres. Wrightstyle s large span systems give unique opportunities in bespo...

Provoid - Underground Gases Protection

A Proctor Group
Provoid Gas Venting System consists of a 25mm geo - composite 'void former' that can be laid under the entire floor slab or, in strips at pre-determined centres, to suit the gas regime on site. Provoid 25 has been extensively tested as part of the DETR 'Partne...


Thermohouse UK Ltd.
Our Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) wall forms, part of the low energy building system, are state of the art high density expanded polystyrene (EPS) elements with the inner and outer insulation leaves locked with galvinised steel bridges. It provides a very...

GW297 - External Corner

Manthorpe Building Products Ltd
Manthorpe’s External Corners are designed for use in horizontal abutment situations when a change of direction is required around an external corner. The GW297 External Corner is used where a straight horizontal cavity tray system is required to change di...

Mayplas Faced Slab

Performance Technology
Fire Stop Slab 556 has been designed to prevent the passage of fire through concealed voids within the external fabric of a masonry wall construction. The Barrier is a high performance foil faced mineral fibre slab complete with a rebated edge and is intend...

Drybase Liquid-Applied DPM

Safeguard Europe
Drybase Liquid-Applied DPM is a single-pack barrier coating that is supplied ready to use. It is available in black or white with a consistency similar to that of thick emulsion paint. The product is applied in two coats. Once applied, the product cures to fo...
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Did you know that the Weight for products within the Structural Frames & Walls category, can range from 0.1 kg to 813 kg and the average is 60 kg?

Bespoke Precast Concrete Products

Milbank Concrete Products
In our Essex based, purpose-built factories, we are able to manufacture a wide variety of entirely bespoke precast concrete components, working together with our clients to design, build, and install concrete products to their exacting requirements. Our client...

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