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Other popular types of Structural Frames include; Plywood Structural Frames, Structural Beams and Laminated Timber Structural Frames.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Reinforced Concrete Structural Frames include; Span, Finish(es) and Material(s).

BEBO® Concrete Arch System

Asset International Ltd
The BEBO Concrete Arch Bridge System from ASSET is a pre-engineered system built from factory-made components and site-specific construction materials. Pre-cast concrete arch sections are shipped to site for installation. The structure is backfilled with engin...

VSoLå¨ - Reinforced Concrete Structural Frames

Asset International Ltd
The VSoL® system is widely used and accepted as a major construction method in projects ranging from retaining walls to highway bridge abutments. In addition to its high performance level, the VSoL®system ensures economical design and construction. The syste...