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Other popular types of Structural Components & Protection include; Lintels, Structural Fire Protection and Vapour Barriers.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Structural Connectors include; Material(s), Type and Diameter.

Startabox - Structural Connectors

The concept and use of reinforcement continuity strip systems or ‘pull-out bar’ systems has been widespread in Europe, and further, over the last 30 years and is a widely accepted means of providing reinforcement continuity across construction joints in co...

Keder - Structural Connectors

J & J Carter
Tent Keder, Awning Keder, Luff Tapes & Bolt Ropes We are one of the world's largest producers of Keder, with sales and warehousing operations in every corner of the globe. Our Keder is used on tented structures, billboards, posters and banners, truck-sides,...

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Unitec - Universal Splicing System

Unitec is a fully CARES Approved shear-bolt coupling system for the connection of concrete reinforcement bars from Ø12 to 50 mm (ASTM #4 to #18) Benefits Site assembly with standard impact wrench. No need of bar end preparation Readily available off th...


The use of flat slab construction has become increasingly popular in the construction ofconcrete frame buildings. A flat slab design increases the speed of the construction process by simplifying the formwork system used. Floor heights can also be reduced o...

Coupler Box

The Couplerbox is a combination of the Startabox perforated case assembly and RFA Demu rebar coupler system, in a single unit. Couplerbox has been developed to offer a rebar continuity system for larger bar diameters and where a high concentration of reinforce...

LFSP and FSP Connector Plate

MiTek Industries
Field Splice Plates are used in situations where the overall height of a truss is too great for the safe transportation of the truss. The plates allow for the cap of the truss to be site fixed using nails through pre drilled holes in the connector plate. The...

Mid Point Support for Side Rail Systems

Albion Sections Ltd
Diagonal tie wires should be used where there is not a suitable structural eaves member for supporting the side rail system, or where the height of the structural eaves member exceeds that, as shown in the diagram below....

The M14 Connector Plate

MiTek Industries
This 2mm glavanised plate is typically used in large span, commercial roofing applications. In the domestic roofing market, trussed rafters have long been the construction method of choice for the UK and Irish construction industry. However, trusses are by n...

B90 Connector Plate

MiTek Industries
This 1.2mm galvanised connector plate is used in roofing situations where are a stronger connector plate than the 1mm M20 is required. A typical roofing example would be an attic truss where the non-triangulated nature of the attic room results in the increas...

M20 Connector Plate

MiTek Industries
Used extensively throughout the world, this 1mm galvanised connector plate is used in the manufacture of the majority of the trussed rafters that our customers manufacture. The appropriate sized plate is specified by our sophisticated design software and is t...
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Did you know that the most common Material(s) for products within the Structural Connectors category are composite , concrete and 1x1 Weave?'

Reinforcement Bar

L M Products Ltd
Cut and bent reinforcement is produced in our own factory to BS8666-2005 under the CARES Accreditation Scheme.Steel reinforcement is used with concrete to combine the qualities of both products: Steel is good at withstanding tensile stress, whereas concrete is...


J&P Building Systems
The connection of steel balconies into concrete slabs (normally by different trades) gives rise to the need for considerable adjustability in the fixing method and the need to carry high loads whilst also minimising the effects of cold-bridging. The J-UK BA...

Rebar protection Caps

L M Products Ltd
These caps provide protection from injury by fitting over the ends of reinforcement bars. ...