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Other popular types of External Wall Finishes include; Rendering, Rainscreen Cladding and External Wall Panels.

Important criteria to consider when specifying External Wall Screening include; Material(s), Features and Length.

Vertical Fin Screening

Zefyr Ltd
Zefyr s bespoke Vertical Fin Screening systems have been designed for the concealment of a structure whilst providing natural ventilation and solar shading. For most projects fins are wall-mounted, allowing the desired architectural profile to be achieved. C...

Horizontal Louvred Screening

Zefyr Ltd
Zefyr s Horizontal Louvred Screening can be wall mounted for free standing depending on its required purpose. The Louvred Screening can be an affordable screening option for any building whilst giving an impressive visual impact. They are often used for hi...

Perforated Panel Screening

Zefyr Ltd
Zefyr s Perforated Panel Screening systems are normally sheets of metal which have rows perforations often circular but the perforations can be any shape, any size in any pattern. The fixings are design to be concealed and frames are available as an option. ...

Living Wall Screening

Zefyr Ltd
Zefyr s Living Walls are walls of vegetation growing on them. There is a variety of choice of vegetation which can dramatically improve the appearance of a building. The Living Walls are another great green option as they can improve a buildings performanc...

Shopline - External Wall Screening

Smart Systems
Shopline is a modular screening solution, combining the benefits of off-site manufacture with on-site assembly. Screen modules are constructed offsite from square cut profiles joined using self tapping screws. These modules can then be rapidly assembled onsite...