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    Forge Welded Gratings

    Lichtgitter UK Ltd
    Forge Welded Gratings are an economical and safe solution in various applications, e.g. platforms, staircases, racking, fencing and offshore modules. Forge Welded can be design to comply with relevant British Standards ie 15, 20 and 35mm ball proof rule. Gra...

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    JB Western Red Cedar Shingles

    John Brash
    Western Red Cedar Shingles from John Brash are a truly renewable and sustainable roofing and cladding material; with one of the lowest carbon footprints of any widely used building product. They are light for transport, and therefore also make savings in suppo...

    High Performance Ventilation Louvres

    High performance ventilation louvres from Levolux offer an efficient, simple and effective weather ventilation louvre that is of British design and manufacture. Levolux high performance ventilation louvres provide the combination of airflow and weatherability ...

    Type NP - Cladding Gratings

    Elefant Gratings
    Comprising bars of full height in the span direction (bearing bars), with transverse bars of a reduced depth in height (known as control bars). Applications Primarily used as flooring and vertical screening; Available in a variety of mesh sizes (apertures). ...

    Type N - Cladding Gratings

    Elefant Gratings
    Comprising equal height bars in both directions providing an aesthetic uniform appearance from both sides. Applications Primarily used in vertical areas such as balustrade infill’s, screens, fencing and Brise Soleil; available in a variety of mesh sizes (...

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    Interlude Technoplus

    The Technoplus combines the benefits of the Interlude® range with a column height adjustment mechanism, which is IP rated as “dust tight” and protected against powerful jets of water. The rectangular shape of the columns, along with the lower joint, preve...

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    Search over 6 Cladding Gratings from leading External Wall Finishes manufacturers including; John Brash, Lichtgitter UK Ltd and Elefant Gratings.

    You can see a full list of manufacturers of Cladding Gratings here.

    Other popular types of External Wall Finishes include; Rendering, Rainscreen Cladding and External Wall Panels.

    Important criteria to consider when specifying Cladding Gratings include; Material(s), Typical Building Type and Typical Building Sector.