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    HeliBar - Helical stainless steel reinforcing bar for masonry repair

    HeliBar is a helical stainless steel reinforcing bar, with substantial tensile properties, used for strengthening and stabilising masonry in both new build and remedial situations. HeliBars, of differing lengths depending upon the application, are the principa...

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    BowTie & BowTie HD for restraining and stabilising bowing / bulging walls

    BowTie is a long stainless steel tie used to stabilise bulging walls, without any external plates, by securing them into the ends of internal floor joists. BowTie HD is a heavy duty 12mm diameter threaded bar with self-cutting end used to restrain bowing bu...

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    Crack Stitching - For the repair of cracked masonry

    Helifix Crack Stitching repairs and stabilises cracked masonry using stainless steel HeliBars bonded into cut slots with HeliBond grout for a quick, simple, effective and permanent solution. Cracked masonry is best stabilised by bonding HeliBar stainless st...

    The Helifix Helibeam System

    At the heart of Helifix remedial strategies is the unique Helibeam System of structural reinforcement and repair. It provides a rapid, cost-effective means of restoring structural integrity to buildings and structures where the masonry has failed and lost i...

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