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    T-Barrier for Timber Frame

    ARC Building Solutions
    The ARC T-Barrier® achieves a zero U-value at the party wall junction by sealing the party wall cavity. This minimises the effect of thermal bypass as well as reducing flanking noise in the cavity. The ARC T-Barrier for Timber Frame provides a 1 hour fire int...

    Elastoseal Basement Tanking System

    Elastoseal is an unreinforced elastomeric membrane based on the polymer EPDM for loose laid installation in basements and foundations. It protects any building from penetration of high ground water. Durable waterproofing of basements, foundations and cut-and-...

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    Natural Arch lintel

    IG Lintels
    Where something bespoke is required, whether to provide a building feature or to carry an unusual loading condition, an IG special lintel can be specified, designed and manufactured to suit your exact requirements. Special steel lintels are designed and manufa...

    Steel Lintel CX90/100

    Cavity Wall lintel, for 90-105mm Cavity, 100-115mm Inner Leaf, for extra heavy duty loads...

    Visqueen Radon Membrane

    Visqueen Building Products
    Visqueen Radon Membrane is manufactured from an enhanced blend of polymer films that is suitable for use in the protection of buildings from the ingress of radon gas. Visqueen Radon Membrane also acts as a damp proof membrane, but is not intended for use wh...

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    Perma-Seal 8 Clear Membrane 48m²

    Perma-Seal 8 Clear is a high quality high density polyethylene (HPDE) membrane suitable for use in waterproofing structures below ground level (basements) and isolating damp walls above ground level. The stud depth of 8mm provides versatile use as both a wall ...


    Stormking Plastics
    The Stormking GRP entrance pillasters can totally transform the front elevation of a building. For both new build and refurbishment projects, Stormking entrance pillaster allows architectural self-expression. The Stormking GRP entrance pillasters come in vari...

    Steel Lintel CN99/124C

    Classic box lintel, for 50-100mm Cavity, 140-150mm Wide Outer Leaf, for standard duty 75mm Cavity...

    Visqueen Preformed Cavity Tray Units

    Visqueen Building Products
    An integral part of the Zedex High Performance Damp Proofing System, the Visqueen range of standard preformed cavity tray units simplify detailing at corners, changes of level, etc. They reduce the time required on site to install a DPC cavity tray and elimina...

    Roller Shutter Lintel

    IG Lintels
    IG Lintel’s Roller Shutter Steel Lintel (L1/RSL) is a unique and innovative solution, designed to incorporate a security shutter system with a structural steel lintel. Integrated into the fabric of the building, the roller shutter lintel ensures unobtrusive ...
    Did you know that the most common Typical Building Type for products within the Structural Components & Protection category are Schools , Care homes and Hospitals?'

    FP150 (B150) Pipe Collar

    Nullifire FP150 is a galvanised steel surface mounted intumescent fire stop pipe collar. In the event of a fire, FP150 prevents the passage of fire and smoke by closing off the aperture within the compartment floor or wall when penetrated by plastic pipes. ...

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    Quadra Column Casing

    The Quadra square and rectangular column casings maximise floor space by fitting closely to internal structural columns whilst allowing the maximum design flexibility in terms of the sizes and finishes available. The Quadra column casing range is available in ...

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    Polyma Column Casing

    The Polyma GRP range is a highly versatility column casing solution that also provides outstanding performance and is easy to install. Suitable for both interior and exterior applications, Polyma is a glass reinforced polymer casing solution, which possesses e...

    Forma Column Casing

    The Forma range of metal column casings includes a wide range of shapes incorporates circles, semi-circles, squares and rectangles. Manufactured from aluminium, stainless steel and steel, our Forma column casing range is available in thicknesses from 0.5mm to...

    Ultra-Fire 100-6

    Naylor Concrete Products
    Pre-stressed innovative lintels ensuring optimum performance with enhanced fire resistance....

    Steel Lintel CG70/100

    Cavity Wall lintel, for 70-85mm Cavity, 100-115mm Inner Leaf, for standard duty loads...

    Platon Radon Stop 400 Corner Cloak Internal

    Triton Systems
    Platon Radon Stop 400 provides safe and effective protection against dangerous concentrations of Radon and other ground gases from penetrating a building. At the same time it acts as a robust and solid damp proof membrane. A complete system of components is su...

    FB810 Fire Curtain

    Nullifire FB810 Fire Curtain is designed for use in all building and construction joints. It is a specially coated, woven glass fibre blanket. FB810 can provide up to 2 hours fire and smoke protection to large unsupported openings. ...

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    Stone Faced Masonry

    Lignacite Ltd
    Stone Faced Masonry blocks offer the customer the opportunity to use high quality natural stone, namely granite and marble in a conventional manor using a bed of mortar and in a very cost-effective way. They are made to order in one size 440mm long x 100mm wi...

    Spano Durelis Vapour Block

    Ecological Building Systems
    DURÉLIS VapourBlock is a 12mm, 2400 x 1200mm high density chipboard with a factory fitted transparent airtightness and vapour control layer, TOPFINISH, on one side. This surface applied finish guarantees consistent airtightness and vapour control. It also eli...

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    Did you know that the most common Finish(es) for products within the Structural Components & Protection category are Colour , Polyester Powder Coated and Polished?'

    Metza Column Casing

    Our Metza column casing range is designed specifically for use with mezzanine floor installations to protect the supporting columns with a purpose designed fire resistant casing. Manufactured using an outer skin of coated steel, lined with dense fire resistant...

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