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    Forma Column Casing

    The Forma range of metal column casings includes a wide range of shapes incorporates circles, semi-circles, squares and rectangles. Manufactured from aluminium, stainless steel and steel, our Forma column casing range is available in thicknesses from 0.5mm to...

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    Polyma Column Casing

    The Polyma GRP range is a highly versatility column casing solution that also provides outstanding performance and is easy to install. Suitable for both interior and exterior applications, Polyma is a glass reinforced polymer casing solution, which possesses e...

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    Covering an RSJ

    UK Home Interiors
    Easy fit, authentic looking solutions to disguise ugly RSJ's. Indistinguishable from antique oak, but so much more easy to install and maintain. Moulded from original antique oak timbers for a look no modern machined beam can match. Every detail of the origi...

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    Gypra Column Casing

    Gypra GRG column casings are designed solely for interior use and are manufactured from glass reinforced gypsum to provide an excellent blend of simple installation, strength and versatility as well as fire resistance. Gypra casings are normally specified as c...

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    Atlas Mast & Column Safety Barrier Protector

    A-Safe (UK) Ltd
    The Atlas Barrier polygons provide heavy duty impact protection and are designed to protect airport floodlight towers, masts and columns. Key airport structures such as masts, columns and floodlights should be fully protected against airside vehicles that may...

    Metza Column Casing

    Our Metza column casing range is designed specifically for use with mezzanine floor installations to protect the supporting columns with a purpose designed fire resistant casing. Manufactured using an outer skin of coated steel, lined with dense fire resistant...

    Circa Column Casing

    The Circa range of circular pre-formed ply column casings provide probably the simplest, quickest and most cost-effective method of enclosing structural steel columns within buildings. Covering diameters from 250mm to 1000mm, our Circa column casing range is ...

    Spiralite - Structural Encasements

    Cryotherm Insulation
    The Spiralite system is a superior, semi-rigid, rock wool board. Its primary use is in the protection of structural steel. The boards are easy to handle and are cut to size and shaped for cladding steel beams and columns. Boards are secured by spiral screws th...

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    Quadra Column Casing

    The Quadra square and rectangular column casings maximise floor space by fitting closely to internal structural columns whilst allowing the maximum design flexibility in terms of the sizes and finishes available. The Quadra column casing range is available in ...

    Column Guard Traffic+

    A-Safe (UK) Ltd
    The Column Guard Traffic+ offers advanced protection capabilities for columns or other integral parts of a building's structure. As our entire range is modular, these pieces integrate perfectly to form a safe and robust barrier that fits round a column, gua...
    Did you know that the most common Finish(es) for products within the Structural Encasements category are laminated , smooth and colours?'

    GRG Column Casings

    Ryedale Interiors Ltd
    "GRG – Glass Reinforced Gypsum, column casings are a modern alternative to traditional methods of providing an aesthetic casing around unsightly structural columns." Our GRG casings are manufactured in our modern production facility in Leeds using a range ...

    Column Casings

    ACE Ceiling Products Ltd
    Bare concrete or steel certainly provides the strength behind the design, but that is where it must be “behind the design.” When the overall completed scene is viewed. How massive are the columns? Often pipes, wires and telecommunications that accompany th...


    Stormking Plastics
    The Stormking GRP entrance pillasters can totally transform the front elevation of a building. For both new build and refurbishment projects, Stormking entrance pillaster allows architectural self-expression. The Stormking GRP entrance pillasters come in vari...

    Column Guard +3

    A-Safe (UK) Ltd
    Based on the successful A-SAFE Pedestrian Barrier product, the Column Guard +3 is suitable for protection of columns of any size, with any section shape - square, rectangular, circular or irregular. The guards can be supplied as two or three sided units to...

    Column Casings

    Eltherington Group Ltd
    High quality column casing systems. From simple shapes through to complex column casings, the Eltherington precision manufacturing processes are able to bring any designs to life....

    Structural Encasements Building Products

    On SpecifiedBy, you can search over 10+ Structural Encasements from leading Structural Components & Protection manufacturers including; Encasement, A-Safe (UK) Ltd and Stormking Plastics.

    You can see a full list of manufacturers of Structural Encasements here.

    Other popular types of Structural Components & Protection include; Lintels, Structural Fire Protection and Damp-Proof Membranes (DPM).

    Important criteria to consider when specifying Structural Encasements include; Finish(es), Shape and Diameter.