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    Shock-Absorbing Column Guard

    McCue International
    The modular, shock-absorbing assembly installs securely and cushions columns, equipment and drivers from impacts. Protect the structural integrity of your facility and the financial integrity of your business. Nothing slows down productivity like hitting a ...

    Rack End Protector

    McCue International
    It will get hit. And every time it does, it saves you from costly damage. With each hit, bump and scuff, it diffuses the impact—stopping forklifts and pallet jacks with a calculated amount of energy absorption. Sideswipes get steered back on track. We call i...

    Rockwool Fire Barrier Slab

    ROCKWOOL® Fire Barrier Systems prevent fire and inhibit smoke spread within roof and ceiling voids. The products are quick and easy to fit and also have thermal insulation and acoustic properties. The ROCKWOOL® Fire Barrier System consists of vertically hung...

    Voltex - Damp-Proof Membranes (DPM)

    Self-bonding, composite needle-punched sodium bentonite / geotextile waterproofing membrane. VOLTEX is a highly effective waterproofing composite of high strength geotextile and 4.88 kg of sodium bentonite per square metre. The high swelling, low permeable s...

    Extra Heavy Duty Load L5

    IG Lintels
    To achieve loading figures lintel must be built in with blockwork as shown. Ensure all perpendicular and horizontal joints are filled with mortar. Place mortar bed on top of blockwork before floor units are laid to provide even distribution of load. Steel Lint...

    Visqueen Gas Resistant DPC

    Visqueen Building Products
    Visqueen Gas Resistant (GR) Damp Proof Course is a flexible polyethylene DPC with an aluminium foil designed to prevent the transmission of carbon dioxide, radon, methane and low level hydrocarbon vapours. This is in addition to the product’s usage as a damp...

    Fire Barrier Systems

    ROCKWOOL® Fire Barrier Systems prevent fire and inhibit smoke spread within roof and ceiling voids. The products are quick and easy to fit and also have thermal insulation and acoustic properties. The ROCKWOOL® Fire Barrier System consists of vertically hung...

    Zendow Autentica

    Autentica is a combination of the Zendow 3000 window and door system, manufactured using state-of-the-art production techniques, then hand finished by our craftsmen to create the Baroc, Renaissance or Romantic style. Whether replacement or new-build, a period ...

    DURASTEEL - Structural Fire Protection

    Promat UK
    A composite panel of fibre-reinforced cement with mechanically bonded punched steel sheets on both surfaces. DURASTEEL® is highly impact and blast resistant and can withstand prolonged cellulosic, hydrocarbon or jetfire and hose-streams from fire fighting. D...

    Rack Mounted Guard

    McCue International
    Our Rack Mounted Guard is an easy-to-install, high-strength solution to protect your racking from the always present the danger of accidental impact. Just wrap the velcro straps around the racking leg and you're done. Operating vehicles around pallet and s...
    Did you know that the most common Certifications for products within the Structural Components & Protection category are ISO 9001 , ISO 14001 and BBA?'

    Column - External Column & Corner Guards

    Stormking Plastics
    What if you could source the most cost effective columns, whilst fulfilling a high-quality design specification? Discover pre-fabricated features that are preferred on-site and don’t require any specialist trades to install. If you could ensure quality fabri...

    Intumescent Pipe Wraps

    ROCKWOOL® Intumescent Pipe Wraps provide up to four hours fire protection for plastic pipe penetrations and electrical trunking in walls and floors. Under fire conditions, the intumescent material expands and fills the void left by the burnt out plastic. The ...

    Visqueen Gas Barrier

    Visqueen Building Products
    Visqueen Gas Barrier offers a safe solution for the protection of buildings against methane, radon and carbon dioxide, when installed in accordance with the relevant codes of practice. Visqueen Gas Barrier is a multi-layer reinforced polyethylene membrane wit...

    Capital Damp Proof Membrane BBA

    Capital Valley Plastics
    This popular membrane is the most commonly used in the UK building industry, Capital Valley Plastic have produced millions of rolls in the last 26 years that have helped fulfil thousands of projects around the UK and Europe. The membrane is manufactured from h...

    Provoid - Underground Gases Protection

    A Proctor Group
    Provoid Gas Venting System consists of a 25mm geo - composite 'void former' that can be laid under the entire floor slab or, in strips at pre-determined centres, to suit the gas regime on site. Provoid 25 has been extensively tested as part of the DETR 'Partne...

    Coupler Box

    The Couplerbox is a combination of the Startabox perforated case assembly and RFA Demu rebar coupler system, in a single unit. Couplerbox has been developed to offer a rebar continuity system for larger bar diameters and where a high concentration of reinforce...

    Perma-Seal 8 Clear 40m² Waterproof Membrane Kit

    Perma-Seal 8 Clear is a high quality high density polyethylene (HPDE) membrane suitable for use in waterproofing structures below ground level (basements) and isolating damp walls above ground level. The stud depth of 8mm provides versatile use as both a wall ...

    Fluted Column

    Associated Plastic Components Ltd
    These beautifully moulded columns with a fluted design, are lightweight and easy to handle. They can be used in many building projects, including porches, and porticos. Further strength for load-bearing properties can be added by filling the centre of the co...

    Wallint® 50

    Klober’s Wallint® 50 is a combined air barrier and vapour control layer. It has a vapour resistance of 250MNsg, meeting the requirements of BS9250 (Code of Practice for design of the airtightness of ceilings in pitched roofs). As even thicker layers of insu...

    Butyl Tape DS30

    Dual-purpose air seal and moisture barrier tape. BUTYL TAPE DS30 is a dual purpose air seal and moisture barrier tape developed especially for vertical and horizontal WATERSTOP RX® installations against steel surfaces....
    Did you know that the most common Material(s) for products within the Structural Components & Protection category are Steel , Aluminium and EPS?'

    Atlas Mast & Column Safety Barrier Protector

    A-Safe (UK) Ltd
    The Atlas Barrier polygons provide heavy duty impact protection and are designed to protect airport floodlight towers, masts and columns. Key airport structures such as masts, columns and floodlights should be fully protected against airside vehicles that may...

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