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    Four Seasons/Room Outside Conservatories
    Our modern, contemporary, Frameless Conservatory Structural Glass Extensions, (sometimes referred to as Glass Box Extensions or Structural Glass Box), have been developed over the last 30 years using commercial glass technology and specialist structural seala...

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    Curtain Walling

    Scandinavian Timber Ltd
    Scandinavian Timber's curtain walling systems are available in timber (timber internally and externally) or composite (timber internally with aluminium or bronze externally). The curtain walling is available in softwood, hardwood and bamboo and provides a high...

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    Large Span Curtain Wall Facades

    Wrightstyle Ltd
    Due to the high static values of our steel profiles, large unsupported areas of glazing can be achieved. The system has been used for 4 metre wide grids and unassisted spans of up to 8 metres. Wrightstyle’s large span systems give unique opportunities in be...

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    Commercial Aluminium Curtain Walling

    Barton Windows Ltd
    Barton Windows use both SMART and SENIORS Non-Thermal and Thermally Broken Aluminium Systems on Curtain Walling, a description of each system can be viewed below. The MC Wall is a curtain wall system designed to create a dramatic but practical façade, with t...

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    Sound Reduction Curtain Wall Facades

    Wrightstyle Ltd
    Sound reduction curtain wall in the SR series offers protection from sound intrusion within the working environment. Performance testing has been undertaken to DIN EN 52210 and the system has achieved an average weighted noise reduction of up to 42 dB througho...

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    Profile22 Curtain Walling System

    Profile 22
    Our unrivaled selection of curtain walling systems delivers an architecturally striking feature A purpose developed curtain walling system designed to extend the highly specified window and door system from Profile 22 in the commercial sector. Our curtain ...

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    Comar 6 Curtain Walling - Ladder Frame

    Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems
    Comar 6 ladder frame curtain walling is a fast-track curtain wall system for low-rise projects. - Ladder assembly - Square cut transoms - Transom end pad ensures precision of joint integrity and aesthetic appeal - Drainage spouts ensure that water clears...

    SL52 Curtain Walling System

    AluK (GB) Ltd
    Designed to offer a flexible, high performance solution, the SL52 Curtain Walling System is a capped solution that enables specifiers to create impressive facades that not only enhance the aesthetics of a building but also provide the functionality and perform...

    MB SR50EI Curtain Walling

    The MB-SR50 EI mullion and transom wall system is designed for the construction and execution of lightweight fire-proof curtain walls of the suspended or filling type of fire-proof class EI15 EI30 EI45 EI60 according to the standard PN-EN 1364-3. The system ha...

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    Steni UK
    Nature is a never-ending source of inspiration: stone, water, green grass, fragrances ... We have used this inspiration to create Steni Nature, a facade panel with a surface of crushed natural stone. Our stone comes from beautiful Italy, England and Sweden. Na...

    Fire Resistant Curtain Wall Façades

    Wrightstyle Ltd
    Fire Resistant Solutions Our fire resistant curtain wall systems go from 30 minutes up to 120 minutes for integrity only fire protection. For the integrity and insulation protection, the vertical curtain wall facade also goes from 30mins to 120mins, whilst th...

    MB SR50N - Curtain Wall Systems

    BB Bertrand Windows and Doors
    The system is designed for the construction and installation of light curtain walls – flat hang-fill walls as well as roofs, skylights and other constructions. This solution is a modified version of a very popular façade system MB-SR50 which meets the prese...

    Modular Walling

    Stafford Bridge Doors Ltd
    The ModuSec modular construction system has been developed to provide a fast, clean and cost effective solution, where there is a high security requirement for such as Data/Document storage, or the construction of Server/Comms rooms.  As well as protection to...

    Forster thermfix vario 

    Forster Profile Systems (UK) Ltd
    The system Forster thermfix vario is a mullion/transom construction with thermal break, based on the dry-glazing system. The inner steel or stainless steel profiles perform the bearing function....

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    Bullet Proof Curtain Wall Facades

    Wrightstyle Ltd
    The bullet resistant curtain wall facade system offers primary protection from attack by firearms. We have researched and tested these bullet proof systems to give the ultimate ballistic protection to our glazed facade systems. Ranges of Protection. The syste...

    Thermal & Weather Performance

    Wrightstyle Ltd
    Modern glazed architecture has demanding requirements on the thermal and weather performance of glazing systems. Thermal & Weather Performance – Use the correct glass & frame Passive solar performing glass should be used, in conjunction with the SR series, ...

    Facades - Curtain Wall Systems

    Whether the look the architect is going for is bold and striking, or subtle and elegant, OAG has a reputation for producing façades and entrances that are beautiful and distinctive. Working with glass, aluminium, steel or timber, we’ll put together a façad...

    Facade TB50 SG

    APA Systems
    Using the Façade TB50 curtain wall system as its support grid and with no need for capping to retain the glass in place, the Façade TB50 SG system produces a flush finish to the exterior face of the facade. The glass is secured in place using toggles, which ...

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    Curtain Wall

    Swish Window and Door Systems
    This system can accommodate the full range of Swish Window and Door Systems 70 mm windows and doors for a wider choice of product and to make replacement of individual glazed units easier in the event of damage or breakage. Specifiers can choose from direct gl...

    T-Series Curtain Wall

    Wrightstyle Ltd
    The T-series curtain wall system, like others in the WSL steel curtain wall range, is thermally broken, gasket glazed, self-draining and pressure equalised, with the ability to span large expanses unassisted. It can be erected in stick format, or site welded. ...

    Blast Resistant Curtain Wall Facades

    Wrightstyle Ltd
    The SG blast resistant curtain wall facade system offers a significant development in the design of blast mitigation glazing systems. Designed as a primary protection system to prevent integrity failure of the glazing and framing support from bomb blasts. The...