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    JUB Home - ICF Insulated Concrete Formwork System

    JUB Systems UK Limited
    JUB Home ICF Insulated Concrete Formwork system is a unique through the wall option whereby all the materials from the internal plaster to the external render or wall finishes are manufactured by JUB and with a single warranty. ICF Insulated Concrete Formwo...

    Thin Joint steel lintel

    Keystone Lintels
    For standard loading conditions in 50mm wide thin joint cavity wall construction. To achieve loading figures lintels must be built in as shown with firmly butted perpendicular joints. The TJ/K lintel range can be supplied to suit wider cavities e.g. specify TJ...

    Wincro Parapet Posts

    Wincro Metal Industries Ltd
    Our Parapet posts are available in both angle (WPA/P) and channel (WPC/P) styles. WPA/P Angle Parapet posts are built into the inner leaf and ties to both leaves using one-way and two-way ties. WPC/P Channel Parapet posts fit within the cavity and tie to b...

    Insulating Concrete Formwork (ICF)

    Generically known as ICF it is basically an oblong block comprising of 2 panels of Neopor polystyrene, held together and apart, to form a cavity, when stacked like childrens building bricks in which to pump - fill with readymixed concrete giving an immensely s...

    ULTIMATE Cavity Barriers

    Saint-Gobain Isover
    Multi-purpose insulation products providing fire, acoustic and thermal performance in concealed wall cavities. Isover ULTIMATE™ Cavity Barriers conform to building regulation definitions of a cavity barrier, cavity stop, flexible closer and effective edge se...


    Thermohouse UK Ltd.
    Our Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) wall forms, part of the low energy building system, are state of the art high density expanded polystyrene (EPS) elements with the inner and outer insulation leaves locked with galvinised steel bridges. It provides a very...

    Wraptite System

    A Proctor Group
    The Wraptite system offers the ideal option for a vapour permeable air barrier. Used together, the components of the Wraptite system provide a simplified and robust method of achieving low air leakage rates, particularly when installed on site, as is typica...

    UE Universal Expander

    Ecological Building Systems
    The Universal Expander can be used to increase the insulation space of the rafters. The plywood web is fastened to the side of the rafters with the 60mm x 60mm battens extruding upwards. This allows any irregularities to be evened out and you can then continue...

    Cavity Wall Steel Lintels - Extra Heavy Duty Load

    Keystone Lintels
    Blockwork built tight against inner face of the lintel. Place mortar bed on top of blockwork before floor units are laid to provide even distribution of load. Steel lintels may be propped to facilitate speed of construction....

    Carbon Buster - Medium Dense Block (Carbon Negative)

    Lignacite Ltd
    The Carbon Buster' is made up of more than 50% recycled material. This includes the Carbon8 pellets which are produced by combining CO2, sand, cement and water. The result is a unique aggregate that, when incorporated into Lignacite's products, creates the fir...
    Did you know that the most common Features for products within the External Walls category are 30 Minute Fire Rated Cavity Closer , Approximately 100 mm depth of insulation and Approximately 50 mm depth of insulation?'

    Wincro Channel Ties

    Wincro Metal Industries Ltd
    A comprehensive range of channel ties is available for use with the full range of Wincro channels. Channels are available for casting into concrete or for surface fixing to the face of a structure. Wincro Channels provide positive anchorages for fixing compo...


    NUDURA ICF Products offer contractors and developers, the ability to speed up the building process, reduce waste and deliver architectural impact. NUDURA manufactures a range of product and accessories for a variety of applications which provide, maximum energ...

    Cavi240 Type SAF Vertical Cavity Barrier Stop

    Cavity Trays
    This vertical dual-function barrier is for use where separating walls (party walls) join exterior cavity walls. The barrier introduces a four hour rated fire integrity level and acoustic cushioning as demanded by legislation. The ends of the Cavi 240 Type SAF ...

    Cavity Closers UNICLOSER X

    Cellecta’s high performance cavity closers are ideal for window and door applications. They are available in standard thickness’ but can also be manufactured to thickness’ to suit specific applications (30-300mm in 1mm increments)....

    Acoustic Party Wall

    The ROCKWOOL Acoustic Party Wall DPC Cavity Closer is a dual purpose acoustic and fire cavity closer used at floor and wall junctions. It minimises flanking sound transmission and fire spread along the cavity. ROCKWOOL Acoustic Party Wall DPC Cavity Closer is ...

    Cavity Drain

    Cavity Drain R20 & R7 are used as internal cavity drainage membrane systems, to collect water entering the structure. Cavity Drain R20 and R7 are typically used in basements and sub-structures, to channel water ingress to a sump or collection point for disposa...

    Cavity Wall Steel Lintels - Extreme Load

    Keystone Lintels
    To achieve loading figures lintel must be laterally restrained. Steel lintels may be propped to facilitate speed of construction....

    Cavity Wall Steel Lintels - Standard Load SK

    Keystone Lintels
    The blockwork is built tight against inner face of the steel lintel. Place mortar bed on top of blockwork before floor units are laid to provide even distribution of load. Steel Lintels may be propped to facilitate speed of construction....

    WTS2S Type 1 Tie Masonry Heavy Duty

    Wincro Metal Industries Ltd
    Wincro.WTS2S tie is manufactured from stainless steel grade 1.4301(304) and conforms to PD6697: 2010 as a Type 1 tie. WTS2S is suitable for cavities from 25mm and is available in lengths from 175mm to 300mm, as standard. Longer lengths are also available to sp...

    TW Firestops for Profiled Decks

    Siderise Group
    Fire stop solution to seal the junction between the tops of compartment walls and the underside of profiled decking. Fire and smoke stop blocks are factory produced trapezoidal blocks which are shaped to close tolerances directly from a base mineral wool slab....
    Did you know that the Width for products within the External Walls category, can range from 16.333333333333 mm to 1200 mm and the average is 180 mm?

    Solid SFS Infill Systems

    Knauf Solid SFS is a fast-track external walling solution constructed using lightweight cold-rolled galvanized steel sections. A variety of sizes and gauges are available to provide cost effective solution for the individual project requirements. It is ideally...

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