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Search 8 Helical Stairs from leading Stairs manufacturers including; Cambridge Structures (LS) PLC, Spiral Construction Ltd and CANAL by Canal Engineering.

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Other popular types of Stairs include; Spiral Stairs, Straight Stairs and Timber Stairs.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Helical Stairs include; Finish(es), Shape and Features.

Kallisto Stairs – Bespoke Helical Precast Concrete Stairs

Milbank Concrete Products
Milbank Concrete Products would like to introduce you to Kallisto Stairs – a new concept in the United Kingdom for precast concrete curved stair design. Our expertise has been commissioned for luxury staircase installations in some of the most prestigious ve...

Helical Internal Stairs

Spiral Construction Ltd
Spiral UK Internal helical stairs are individually designed and manufactured to create a truly spectacular feature to both commercial and residential applications. Our helical stairs can be designed for a contemporary or traditional application, using a diver...

Helical External Stairs

Spiral Construction Ltd
Spiral UK external helical stairs are individually designed and manufactured to create an eye catching addition to any building's façade. Our helical stairs can be designed for a contemporary or traditional application, using a diverse array of materials. St...


British Spirals & Castings
Wooden Helical stairs do not pivot off a single point like spirals, but “sweep” elegantly up to the upper floor. All our Helical staircases are hand made from the finest woods and are individually tailored to client’s needs....

Helical Staircases

CANAL by Canal Engineering
Helical staircases do not have a supporting column and can incorporate a continuous handrail on both sides. They are also not always circular, sometimes being elliptical or oval in shape allowing innovative designs to be produced. A helical staircase can ofte...

Helical Stairs

CANAL by Canal Engineering
CANAL Architectural has a wealth of experience with bespoke architectural metalwork in residential and commercial environments. With a reputation for design innovation, CANAL ensures every project conforms to the latest standards and regulations before product...

Helical Cantilevered Stairs

Spiral Construction Ltd
We can supply timber or stone treads, cantilevered from a wall stringer (either exposed or hidden behind wall finishes), with the treads seeming to float from the adjacent structure without any visible support. There are a number of balustrade options, includ...

Helical staircases

Cambridge Structures (LS) PLC
As an experienced manufacturer of curved staircase structures and architectural metalwork, including balconies, Cambridge Structures has infinite expertise for you to call upon. The flexibility and variety of designs we have produced is extensive. We have pro...

helical - Helical Stairs

Zigzag Design Studio
Helical stairs can be the most dramatic, they are also often the most challenging. This stair in Chelsea was three flights of ever decreasing helical curves, with floating treads and an organic sculpted white internal wall as the balustrade. The beauty of the ...