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Other popular types of Roofs include; Flat Roofs, Tensile Fabric Structures and Pitched Roofs.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Glazed Roofs include; Material, Colour and Max Width.

A74 Roof Glazing

Vitral UK Ltd
A74 is a panel based glass roof system with thermally broken aluminium profiles. A74 is characterised by a smart design with slim, shallow profiles. This allows a maximum of natural light which is unique compared to other glass roof systems.             ...

VitraLight Roof Glazing

Vitral UK Ltd
VitraLight is a cost effective, well insulated roof light for flat roofs, which is easy to install. VitraLight is made according to customer specifications and comes fully pre-assembled ready for fitting over the prepared roof opening. VitraLight comes with ...

Mk 9 Modular Glazed Panels

BBS Building Components
Mk 9 Modular Glazed Panels The MK9 system is a simple and economic interlinking glazing system. It is manufactured with high class interlinking aluminium glazing bar system incorporating both 16mm and 25mm UV protected structured UV protected polycarbonate in ...

Xlok - Glazed Roofs

Brett Martin
Xlok panel glazing systems are modular glazing units which interlock together easily on site for continuous runs of rooflights of any length. Each section comprises structured polycarbonate glazing panels factory assembled with extruded aluminium bars which in...

Lantern Roofs

David Salisbury Commercial
Roof Lanterns can transform the whole feel of a room and the way it is used. Roof Lanterns (sometimes known as Roof Lights) are our specialty. There is nothing we haven’t done in the range of lantern roofs. We have made all sizes and shapes, various ridge ...

GTS Roof Glazing

Vitral UK Ltd
GTS is the ideal solution if no particular insulation is required e.g. in larger, unheated halls, atriums, bus and train stations or commercial centres. Like VITRAL´s other glass roof systems GTS is characterised by slim frames, concealed opening mechanisms ...

Ventria - Glazed Roofs

Delta Ventilation Ltd
Glazed Casement Solution The Ventria is a low cost solution for glazed applications where concealed controls are not required. The ventilator can be used both for smoke and day-to-day ventilation. The Ventria extracts large volumes of smoke, utilizing the b...

LEAN-TO Glass Roofing Systems

Perfect Crystal Windows
Flat glass constructions and rooflights make buildings and houses bright, airy and energy efficient, and allow the largest possible amount of natural light to enter your home. With their sleek appearance and excellent acoustic and thermal qualities, they combi...

LivinROOF - Glazed Roofs

Ultraframe UK
LivinROOF is the first roofing system designed to give you the flexibility to combine solid and glazed roofing seamlessly. It helps you extend your living space and enhance thermal performance to give you a room that you can use all year round. Whether you a...

Skylights and Rooflights

Cambs Glass Ltd
Rooflights, skylights and atriums provide an excellent method of introducing natural light into any room. Research shows that an area of rooflights of approx. 15-20% will provide adequate light for most building and shall also help in reducing the energy consu...
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Did you know that the most common Material(s) for products within the Glazed Roofs category are aluminium , glass and fabric?'

The Classic Roof

Sun Trade Windows, Doors & Conservatories
Sun’s Classic Roof may be classic by name but is certainly not by nature. Simple extras such as insulated glazing bars and multi chamber top caps make for a trouble free installation that’s guaranteed to last for years to come. With over 1.5 million insta...

Roof Glazing

Whether you need an all-glass roof or a solution using steel and/or aluminium framing, OAG has a whole range of options. We’ll assist you with the design and we have plenty of expertise when it comes to the thermal and solar performance of your glass. OAG...

Glass Roof Rooflights

West London Rooflight & Glazing
It is possible to achieve better “U” value ratings than with a traditional masonry roof method, with 20 year guarantees on some of the modern day leading glass roof systems available here at WLRG Ltd. Combined with high energy performing modern glass roof ...

CI Glass Architecture Flap System

Regulating integrated flap systems in glass roof and façade constructions to provide natural ventilation plays a considerable role in optimizing building air conditioning systems and reduces the amount of energy used for cooling in air conditioning units. Aro...

The LivinRoom

Sun Trade Windows, Doors & Conservatories
Utilising Classic Roof technology, LivinRoom offers so much more than either a standard conservatory or an extension ever could. The variable depth insulated perimeter ceiling provides the home owner with an orangery type experience at a fraction of the cost. ...

The LivinROOF

Sun Trade Windows, Doors & Conservatories
LivinRoof is the only roofing system designed to give the flexibility to combine solid and glazed roofing seamlessly. Offering the best of thermal performance of the range LivinRoof provides a conservatory that is guaranteed to offer maximum use any time of ye...

Lamilux Passivhaus Glass Roof PR60 Energysave

Internationally recognised as the most stringent energy efficient building standard, Passivhaus construction requires highly energy-efficient components to maintain its high standards. As the world's first certified glazed roof, the PR60energysave sets the ben...

Lamilux PR60 Glass Roof System

The PR60 is a premium atrium roof glazing system without any design limitations of shape, inclination or size. The mullion/transom system is specifically designed for roof glazing (and not an adapted facade curtain walling system), and has therefore been teste...

Aliver 5000+

Smart Systems
The ALIVER 5000+ series is a thermally broken conservatory roof system. Due to its heavy strengthened gutter and beam profiles this series is suitable for large spans. It is possible to build in rooflights, outward opening for ventilation, or smoke-vents in ...

Aliver 2000+

Smart Systems
The ALIVER 2000+ series is a roof system with thermal break to build conservatories and domes with a large span. This is the most frequently used series for conservatory roofs. It is possible to build in rooflights, opening outwards for ventilation, smoke-ven...
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Did you know that the most common Colour(s) for products within the Glazed Roofs category are aluminium , RAL and white?'

Aliver 1000

Smart Systems
Aliver 1000 is a conservatory roofs system with thermal break suitable for roofs with limited spans. It is also possible to build in rooflights, opening outwards for ventilation, or smoke-vents in case of fire. This series is mainly used in private houses to ...