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    A74 Roof Glazing

    Vitral UK Ltd
    A74 is a panel based glass roof system with thermally broken aluminium profiles. A74 is characterised by a smart design with slim, shallow profiles. This allows a maximum of natural light which is unique compared to other glass roof systems.             ...

    Acoustic - Tensile Fabric Structures

    Architen Landrell
    Noise is unwanted sound.  Restaurants, conference rooms, transportation lobbies and sports complexes (to name a few) all suffer from background noise making it difficult to hear or understand people speaking. The introduction of any mesh fabric into a space ...

    Flexi Porch Roofs at APC Architectural Mouldings

    Associated Plastic Components Ltd
    Our Flexi Roof Modules are constructed from rigid maintenance free GRP, and incorporating PU foam insulation to give a ‘U’ value of 0.2. With a built-in​ gutter behind the decorative dentil moulding, the addition of rainwater goods is unnecessary. With a...


    Stewart Milne Timber Systems
    The system utilises pre-fabricated roof trusses, spandrel and gable panels and verge ladder frames. These come pre-designed, complete with all structural fixings and bracing requirements. Party wall spandrel panels can be pre-sheeted with limited combustible b...

    Frameless Glass Overhead Canopy Fitting Set

    Lord Lionel
    Stainless Steel canopy system to suit 17.52 to 22.52 Millimetres thick glass, suitable for a projection up to 1400 millimetres and a width of 1850mm. Frameless glass canopies are suitable for residential or commercial applications such as bars, restaurants...

    EPS Warm Pitched Roof Panel (Expanded Polystyrene)

    S and B EPS Ltd
    Our pitched roof panels are designed for use in warm pitched roof applications to provide a high level of insulation and are designed to insulate both the rafters as well as the roof and prevent the rafters forming a cold bridge. When used in conjunction wi...

    LivinROOF - Glazed Roofs

    Ultraframe UK
    LivinROOF is the first roofing system designed to give you the flexibility to combine solid and glazed roofing seamlessly. It helps you extend your living space and enhance thermal performance to give you a room that you can use all year round. Whether you a...

    Western Red Cedar Shingles Certigrade No.1 Grade Blue Label

    Silva Timber
    The premium grade of shingles suitable for high-end roofs and wall cladding applications. These top-grade shingles are 100% heartwood, 100% clear and 100% edge grain with no defects. Always specify Certigrade No.1 Blue Label to ensure product quality, correcti...

    EPS Uniform Thickness and cut-to-fall Roof Boards (Expanded Polystyrene)

    S and B EPS Ltd
    We manufacture a wide range of roofing insulation products to meet the various required applications. We work in conjunction with roof engineers and design teams to offer the complete design and supply package. A main consideration for a specifier is to ...

    Retractable Fabric Roofs

    Base Structures Ltd
    The beauty of a retractable awning system is in the sheer flexibility it offers, at the touch of a button. For restaurants, leisure, retail and events spaces, the challenge is to provide the best possible ambience for the ever demanding customer, while at the ...
    Did you know that the most common Colour(s) for products within the Roofs category are RAL , Aluminium and White?'

    ETFE Systems

    Base Structures Ltd
    Utilising our extensive tensile expertise we are able to design, manufacture and install the next generation of ETFE structures – cable supported single skin ETFE membranes - opening up possibilities for greater spans and reduced costs. We can even utilis...

    LEAN-TO Glass Roofing Systems

    Perfect Crystal Windows
    Flat glass constructions and rooflights make buildings and houses bright, airy and energy efficient, and allow the largest possible amount of natural light to enter your home. With their sleek appearance and excellent acoustic and thermal qualities, they combi...

    VitraLight Roof Glazing

    Vitral UK Ltd
    VitraLight is a cost effective, well insulated roof light for flat roofs, which is easy to install. VitraLight is made according to customer specifications and comes fully pre-assembled ready for fitting over the prepared roof opening. VitraLight comes with ...

    Glass Roofs

    A glass roof is a very simple and trouble-free way of allowing more light into the home. This fixed, frameless glass roof is the most traditional design. Cantifix glass roofs are fabricated with aluminium profiles, structural silicone and low-emissivity glass...

    Underbay - Under Bays

    Stormking Plastics
    What if you could source the most cost effective underbays, whilst fulfilling a high-quality design specification? Discover pre-fabricated features that are preferred on-site and don’t require any specialist trades to install. If you could ensure quality fab...

    Bay Window Roofs

    Stormking Plastics
    What if your project could incorporate clever design ideas, whilst being cost-effective and safe? Install authentic architectural features that are well-insulated and need to little to no maintenance. If you could ensure quality fabrication assembled to ISO st...

    PipePocket - For sealing flat roof penetrations

    The PipePocket is used for creating a completely weatherproof and watertight seal where services penetrate a flat roof. The PipePocket consists of different sections of flexible sections, which are manufactured from polyurethane elastomer. These different se...

    Xlok - Glazed Roofs

    Brett Martin
    Xlok panel glazing systems are modular glazing units which interlock together easily on site for continuous runs of rooflights of any length. Each section comprises structured polycarbonate glazing panels factory assembled with extruded aluminium bars which in...

    Domestic Roofing

    Topseal offers a range of roofing solutions for common domestic applications such as extensions, garages, dormer roofs, parapet walls, gulleys, gutters, conservatories, orangeries and many more. The versatility of Topseal will ensure that it will fit in with a...

    RyMar Vent Pipe Covers

    RyMar vent pipe covers are used for flashing soil vent pipes which penetrate the roof construction and membrane. The vent pipe cover is a systematic and secure solution that provides both a watertight flashing of the roofing membrane and an...
    Did you know that the most common Material(s) for products within the Roofs category are fabric , aluminium and glass?'

    realROOF - Pitched Roofs

    Ultraframe UK
    Stylish, super insulated rooms you can use all year round, creating a lasting impression of an investment well made. realROOF is an innovative roofing system that extends your living space in perfect harmony to give you the most loved room in the house. It c...

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