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Other popular types of Roof Finishes include; Roof Tiles, Roof Membranes and Roof Trims.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Remedial Roof Finishes include; Colour, Warranty and Certifications.

Rooflock Twelve Flat Roof Waterproofing System

Rooflock Twelve is a seamless liquid-applied roof waterproofing system for waterproofing both new-build and refurbishment projects, that is appreciated by contractors for its ease of use. Rooflock Twelve Roof Waterproofing System offers a safe, flexible metho...

Rooflock Gutter Coating System

Rooflock Gutter Coating System is a proven system for waterproofing and protecting eaves gutters and central valley gutters. 10 year warranty A 10 year Rooflock warranty provides peace of mind for the installer and the building owner. Unique Joint Reinf...

Rooflock Twelve for Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment

Rooflock Twelve is a BBA certified, liquid applied roof waterproofing system for pitched steel roofs. It is widely specified for the protection of corroded metal roof sheets, in particular cut edge corrosion. Applied directly to corrosion affected lap joints...

Seamsil - Remedial Roof Finishes

Delvemade Ltd
Seamsil is a flexible silicone remedial system developed by Delvemade Limited in conjunction with Ge Silicones, part of the General Electric Company of America.The system, intitialy developed to solve the problem of cut edge corrosion on steel roof cladding, i...

Monopol - Remedial Roof Finishes

Allbase Coatings
Monopol can be used to overcoat a number of different surfaces including asphalt, brick, felt, slate and can even be used on details such as skylights, flashings and gutters. The products versatility and ease of use makes it the perfect choice for both experie...

Liquid Roofing and Waterproofing Membranes

Kemper System Ltd
The waterproofing components - one, two or three-part resins - saturate a polyester reinforcement fleece which is immensely strong yet flexible, durable and tear-resistant. Whether new build, full flat roof refurbishment or repair, we are able to offer reliab...