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    CA Building Products
    River-Therm® is a built-up site assembled secret fix roof system that is used worldwide and is available in the UK and Ireland from CA Building Products. River-Therm® can be roll formed on site to remove the need for end laps on long slopes and the unique...

    BHC 920 Composite Drainage Board

    SIG Design Technology
    Composite single piece protection, drainage and water retention layer....

    Expanded Aluminium Foil Mesh

    Expanded Metal Co
    Expanded aluminium foil is a unique material manufactured using expanding techniques and patented machinery. This highly efficient aluminium mesh has been proven to perform in a diverse range of applications. The material is available as coils, cut to size ...

    Secretfix - Secret Fix Roof

    Secret Fix systems involve the mechanical fixing through the underlap of the profile into the roof structure, which is then covered over by the overlap of the profile. This removes any chance of leaks through the roof sheets as all penetrations are protected f...

    Bolt Boxes

    Expanded Metal Co
    Bolt Boxes are fabricated from expanded metal mesh. They are used as permanent shuttering, to form cavities in foundation/slab concrete for bolts securing the steel stanchions to the foundations/slab. After a stanchion has been correctly positioned the cavit...

    NBS H41 GRP (glass reinforced plastics) architectural cladding and features

    Design & Display Structures Ltd
    Bespoke architectural cladding features & structures • NBS H41 GRP • Design, manufacture & installation worldwide....

    Profile sheet T20 Premium for roofs

    Ruukki UK
    Profile T20 Premium is a classy, straight-lined solution for diverse roofing needs. Due to the linear and rigid form of the sheets, Profile T20 is aesthetically pleasing and easy to install. Profile T20 Premium, made out of Pural Matt coated steel, comes with ...

    Roof Refurbishment

    One of the most sustainable approaches to construction is to refurbish an existing structure. Euroclad products and systems lend themselves to refurbishment applications perfectly and can help achieve a faster, more cost effective build with less local disrupt...

    Skyline Roofing

    Fineline Aluminium
    The UK’s most thermally efficient Aluminium roof system - 0.7W/m2k. The UK ’s strongest roof system - 33% greater live loads*. Minimalist modern design with ultra-low sightlines. Ridge and rafters just 40mm wide. 70% reduction in feature ridge width. Suita...

    Exvoid - Bespoke Metal Fabrications

    Expanded Metal Co
    VOID PROTECTION COSTS CUT Effective void property protection is assured with ExVoid, an attractive alternative to perforated metal and timber that can save over £50 on a three bedroomed semi-detached house. Viewed proportionately to housing...
    Did you know that the most common Material(s) for products within the Built-up Roof and Wall Cladding category are insulation , Aluminium and polypropylene?'


    Standing seam roof systems are over 30 years old and involve the 'zipping up' of a rolled side lap over supporting halters. The sheet side laps are closed using a Mechanical Seaming Tool to rollform the 'Fixed Seam Overlap Radius', creating attachment to the h...

    Vieo - Fabrications

    Traditional seam roofs date back hundreds of years and use materials like lead, copper and zinc which, despite advances in prefabrication techniques and fixing technology, require a highly skilled, specialised installer to achieve a good installation. Sheets w...

    SSR2 Roofing and Cladding

    A sustainable pre-finished steel roofing and cladding system designed for the residential and commercial market. SSR2 is fully supported standing seam system designed, manufactured and CE Marked in accordance with BS EN 14783:2013 Fully supported metal sheet a...

    Alu FX Patina Timeless Collection

    Jamestown Metals
    The finishes available replicate some of the most popular colours in architecture today at a fraction of the cost. Not only are they the same colour, the finishes are brushed and textured to give a true representation of the metals they imitate. Alu FX is not ...

    Decorative Metal Roofing

    Jamestown Metals
    For projects with decorative elements, JML are equipped to offer the initial technical support and specification assistance, right through to supplying the finished piece. This can involve interior or exterior decorative ornamental work or contemporary feature...

    Nedzink - Bespoke Metal Fabrications

    Jamestown Metals
    Nedzink offers 3 variations of colour finish but also offers the Structure Range which gives the zinc surface a textured finish. Further to the colour finish and structured rolling, Nedzink also offer Pro Tec underside coating which allows zinc to be install...

    ACM-MCM Rainscreen

    A rainscreen façade is a cladding applied either during primary construction or as an over cladding to an existing structure. Rainscreen cladding consists of an outer weather-resistant decorative skin fixed to an underlying structure by means of a supporting ...

    Rolled Roofing Lead

    Jamestown Metals
    JML is one of the leading distributors of rolled lead in the UK construction market. Our lead is manufactured to BS EN 12588 ; 2006 in accordance with British Standard and European Norms for the building industry. Our ancillary products are supported by Lead S...

    roof drain SuperDrain type 62 FPO-PP, DN 70

    Dallmer Ltd
    conforming to DIN EN 1253 for use with a calculated siphonic roof drainage system, with extra wide flange for welding FPO-PP membranes directly or fixing PE vapour barriers specification: - SuperDrain-insert - insulated drain body - outlet vertical - domed gr...

    Walkways Created From Expanded Metal Mesh

    Expanded Metal Co
    The heavy duty walkway range from The Expanded Metal Company is an effective, well-established product proven throughout industry. Safety at height and in hazardous conditions is paramount, the expanded metal walkway range can be relied upon to satisfy most s...
    Did you know that the most common Finish(es) for products within the Built-up Roof and Wall Cladding category are aluminium , colour and stainless steel?'

    Atria - Fabrications

    Atria are key features in modern architecture, with glass roofs overhead and full height, slab-to-slab façades that allow plenty of sunlight to pour down into the core of the building. OAG specialises in atria construction and has developed slab edge barrier...

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