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Other popular types of Acoustic Insulation include; Sound Absorber Panels & Tiles, Acoustic Insulation Systems and Acoustic Insulation Boards.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Acoustic Fabric & Mats include; Thickness, Length and Length.

Acoustiblok® 6mm Sound Isolation Membrane

Intelligent Insulation
Acoustiblok 6mm sound isolation material is used as a structural treatment for reducing sound transmission. Uses: Acoustiblok 6mm membrane is invariably used within floor installations dealing with airborne, structural airborne and impact sound. Acoustib...

Acoustiblok® 3mm Sound Isolation Membrane

Intelligent Insulation
Acoustiblok 3mm sound isolation material is used as a structural treatment for reducing sound transmission. Uses: Acoustiblok 3mm membrane is invariably used within wall and ceiling installations as well as applications such insulating bulkheads within boat...

Profloor Ecoroll sound insulating material

A Proctor Group
Profloor Ecoroll is a sound-insulating material used for the reduction of impact sound. It is widely used under flooring in order to improve footfall - sound insulation. As it offers a higher level of sound insulation compared to traditional methods, it can be...

Acoustiblok® AcoustiMat Acoustic Underlay

Intelligent Insulation
AcoustiMat is a durable underlay used together with Acoustiblok Insulation Membranes to deaden impact and airborne sound. This underlay is available in varying thicknesses and offers a thin levelling layer to all floor types as well as increasing the thermal c...

Acoustiblok Wallcover®

Intelligent Insulation
Acoustiblok Wallcover® is a flexible hybrid composite sheet which incorporates the Acoustiblok® Insulation Membrane technology with high grade, soft, compressible but very strong fabric layer currently used in the aerospace industry. This unique system allow...

Barrier Mats Acoustic mats

H&H Acoustic Technologies
Barrier mats are designed to reduce noise transmission and to add extra mass to components. They are manufactured from a flexible and durable polymeric material. The range includes four different variations: T5 - A highly flexible barrier mat with a Class 0...

PVA Damping Sheet

H&H Acoustic Technologies
The PVA based damping sheet is designed for use where high levels of vibration induce noise from sheet metal. The damping sheet will help to reduce noise radiating from the metal. The PVA sheet is manufactured from polyvinyl acetate, creating a lightweight, fl...

Hush Under Screed Environmentally Friendly Acoustic Membrane

Hush Acoustics
Hush Under Screed Acoustic Membrane has been designed to isolate a screed from the structure to comply with UK Building Regulations. By isolating the screed you ensure impact noise does not travel through the masonry structure. This material is commonly used i...

Bitumen Damping Sheet

H&H Acoustic Technologies
Designed to improve sound insulation of a product and reduce acoustic and vibrational induced noise from sheet metal. Bitumen based damping sheets are manufactured from bitumen, synthetic rubber, and minerals to create a flexible, visco-elastic material. Ap...

HUSH – 5 KG/M² BARRIER MAT Rubber Underlay- vinyl sound barrier

Hush Acoustics
This is a vinyl sound barrier mat loaded with naturally occurring minerals. The product is free of lead, unrefined aromatic oils and bitumen. Designed to improve the sound insulation of existing panels of metal, wood, plastic etc., at all frequencies. The ma...
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Did you know that the most common Application for products within the Acoustic Fabric & Mats category are Industrial Equipment , Preparation Tables and Vehicle Panels?'

Hush 10 Joist Strip Economical Acoustic layer

Hush Acoustics
Hush-10 Joist Strips are for use only with Hush-Panel 28, Hush-Panel 32 and Hush-Ply 28 Floating Floor Systems to enable the panels to be fitted directly over joists as a structural floating floor. Hush-DF 10 Joist Insulation Strips have been designed as an...

Hush Mat 12 high performing acoustic floor system

Hush Acoustics
Hush Mat 12 is a high performing acoustic floor system that has been uniquely engineered to reduce both impact and airborne sound when laid over a structure. The acoustic rubber mat ensures the highest levels of impact sound reduction are met and due to the pr...

DIGITAL GRAPHICS — Digitally printed fabric acoustic graphics

Eomac UK Limited
Eomac's specially formulated water-based inks provide everlasting vibrant graphics, without compromise to acoustic performance or image resolution. Extend a brand name, or emphasise a premium experience design concept in a completely customised way, with hig...

Celbar - Recycled Insulation

Oscar Acoustics
Typically used as the cavity filler in walls or between floors either in conventional rigid construction or in isolated systems e.g. SonaCel for higher performance (see SonaCel product page). Celbar cavity fill insulation can either be sprayed into the cavity ...

Sound Insulation

Anglo Recycling Technology Ltd
Anglo manufacture a range of felts for sound insulating applications. Our bonded underlays are good sound insulators through being great at reducing both impact and airborne sound. Contact us for our felt range and to discuss your needs. - Air pockets between...

Impactalay Acoustic Underlay

JCW Acoustic Supplies Limited

Composition Acoustic Fabric

Autex Acoustics Ltd
Decorative and functional acoustic wallcovering for education, retail and commercial interiors. Pin, staple and hook-and-loop receptive allowing Composition® Acoustic Fabric to be utilised as a display board . Limitless branding and design possibilities...


24 Acoustics Ltd
Acoustics are a key consideration when assessing a building’s overall fitness for purpose. 24 Acoustics have been advisors to the architecture and construction industries on all aspects of acoustic design since 2004. Accredited to ISO 9001 and covering every...

WorkPro Life

QA Flooring Solutions Ltd
- the compression-resisting foam of WorkPro Life always makes sure your floor’s fully supported, however heavy the load. - WorkPro Life’s dense material gives it brilliant impact and sound insulation…so you’ll notice a real difference in noise levels. ...

Impacta Rubber

JCW Acoustic Supplies Limited
A SOUND INSULATION SYSTEM FOR CONCRETE FLOORS, ROBUST RESILIENT UNDER SCREED LAYER SYSTEM. Suitable for precast and solid concrete floors (minimum weight 300kg/m2) Convenient: Minimal change to traditional floor and ceiling construction Resilient: JCW I...
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Did you know that the most common Typical Project Type for products within the Acoustic Fabric & Mats category are New build , Refurbishment and Apartments?'

BM-P Series Barrier Mat

Siderise Group
A thin, bitumen free polymeric sound barrier offering exceptional flexibility. Combines a high surface mass with ‘limp’ mechanical characteristics, the product offers optimum sound reduction and dampening performance. Primarily designed to improve the soun...