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Search 4 Domestic Heat Pumps from leading Pumps manufacturers including; Bosch Industriekessel, Viessmann Ltd and Chelmer Advanced Thermostores Ltd.

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Other popular types of Pumps include; Condensate Pumps, Air-to-Water Heat Pumps and Commercial / Industrial Heat Pumps.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Domestic Heat Pumps include; Energy Efficiency Rating, Operation and Features.

Vitocal 350-G

Viessmann Ltd
The Vitocal 350-G high temperature heat pump extends the product segment by four output sizes up to 84.6 kW. It achieves a high flow temperature of up to 70 C. This results from the use of an EVI (enhanced vapour injection) refrigerant circuit, where an en...

Vitocal 300-G

Viessmann Ltd
As a ground source heat pump, the Vitocal 300-G draws thermal energy from highly efficient heat sources. For this, a geothermal probe, an ice store system or a geothermal collector is installed on the property. In all these cases, the heat pump covers the e...

Outdoor units: Heat pump - Mini Inverter

Bosch Industriekessel
Full DC Inverter Mini VRF with DC inverter compressor and DC fan motor delivers a highly efficient solution for small commercial buildings. Four to twelve rooms require only one outdoor unit, and individual control is enabled in each room....

Heat Pump Heating Systems

Chelmer Advanced Thermostores Ltd
Heat pumps work by using compressor technology, similar to that found in a fridge, to transfer heat from the environment into hot water for use in the home. They can harvest energy from the ground, air or from a body of water depending on the type of unit. Wi...