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Filter Return Grille

Advanced Air (UK) Ltd
The Advanced Air Model Series 51F Filter Return Grilles are a convenient and economical means of filtering primary return air locally. They are especially suited to recirculating air systems such as fan powered terminal units, fan coils and heat pumps. Theyhav...

Monashell - Air Filters

The M—nashell biofiltration system is AnuaÕs patented odour control technology for the biological treatment of airstreams with high concentrations of sulphur compounds, in particular hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and volatile organic compound (VOC) applications....

Twister TWS

Advanced Air (UK) Ltd
Advance air's new range of high performance TWS ceiling swirl diffusers have been designed to delver the high air change rates required to meet the demand of high loads. The circular pattern of the deflection vanes, creates an effective swirl motion that has e...

Pad Holding Air Filter Frame System G2 to M5 to EN779:2012

Airclean Ltd
– Reduced Revenue Costs – Suitable for use with Glass Fibre, Synthetic, or Polyfoam Washable air filter medias. – Galvanised Steel Frame – Less Bulk to change – Cost Effective – Face Clips Available...

Linear Slot Diffuser Plenum 5000 Series

Advanced Air (UK) Ltd
Linear Slot Diffuser Plenum 5000 Series Linear Slot Diffuser Plenum 5000 Series...

Monafil - Air Filters

M—nafil is AnuaÕs patented biofiltration system that uses specialised peat media as a capture and support medium to treat volatile organic compounds (VOCÕs) and odour emissions. VOCÕs are organic chemical compounds that have significant vapour pressures a...

Megalam MD14, MX14, MG14 -1PU

Camfil Farr
Application: HEPA filter for clean rooms and LAF benches Type: HEPA-Filter Frame: Extruded and anodised aluminum Gasket: Polyurethane Media: Glass fiber Separators: Hot-melt beads Sealant: Polyurethane (2-K-sealant) Grid: Mild steel white (RAL 9010) epoxy pain...


Firestem Ltd
Firestem air transfer Grilles are suitable for areas which require to be ventilated but which must also be fire protected. These Grilles can also be placed in either circular or rectangular ductwork where the mounting of fire dampers is not possible or desirab...

Events Ducting

Naylor Drainage Ltd
Our events ducting products can meet all of your event ducting requirements. High temperature ducts to connect to heaters for warm air and heavy duty pvc ducting for feeds into marquees and exhibitions halls. Wire reinforced or ‘lay flat’ ducting with a...

Heat Recovery Air Handling Units

Airclean Ltd
– Low Profile – Sheet steel designs available – Insulated Panels – Pentapost Design – Integrated Drain Pan...
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Twin Fan Air Handling Unit Run and Standby

Airclean Ltd
– Roof Mounted available – Airflow Failure Detection – In line Designs – Back Draught Dampers – Insulated Design Available...

Kitchen Extract Air Handling Unit Including Grease, Smoke and Odour Control

Airclean Ltd
– Combined Fan / Filter Unit – Odour Control – Smoke Control...

Hydroponics Activated Carbon Can Filter Odour Control

Airclean Ltd
– Odour Control in Grow Rooms – Suits various duct, and airflow requirements – Rechargable / Refillable – Commonly used in the Hydroponics Industry – Coconut Shell Activated Carbon for Effective Odour Control...

Pressure Switch

Airclean Ltd
For use in measuring the differential pressure or overpressure of air or other non-aggressive or non-combustible gases....

Drive Belts

Airclean Ltd
– Replacement and Spare belts for Air Handling Units – Wedge, V, and Cogged Belts – Drive Belts supplied with your Air Filter change – Two quality of belt grades available...