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Search 10 Retaining Walls from leading Substructure manufacturers including; Tobermore, Poundfield Products and Colinwell Masonry.

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Other popular types of Substructure include; Protection Systems, Tanking and Piling.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Retaining Walls include; Material(s), Height and Typical Building Sector.

Precast Concrete Silage Clamps (ARK Agriculture)

Milbank Concrete Products
Part of the Milbank Group, ARK Agriculture is the only UK specialist offering the design, manufacture, installation and on-going service requirements of the complete silage clamp solution. ARK Agriculture (formerly known as Bock UK) is the only UK specialis...

Anchor Landmark® - High performance positive mechanical connection retaining wall system

Acheson & Glover
Built to handle any load. Anchor Landmark® is a positive mechanical connection retaining wall system that takes performance to new heights. Suitable for high performance under extreme loading conditions, it’s designed with a unique locking connection be...

Anchor Bayfield® - A dry-build retaining wall system with a ‘rough hewn’ finish

Acheson & Glover
Classic style meets fast construction With its rough-hewn weathered texture, Anchor Bayfield® is an extremely versatile dry-build walling option. Bayfield® is available in three attractive standard palettes, with a rough-hewn stone face providing a wea...

Anchor Vertica® - Mortarless / pinless segmental retaining walls for sloping hillsides

Acheson & Glover
Vertica® goes where other systems fear to tread. The Anchor Vertica® system is designed for steep, sloping hillsides and other traditionally difficult installation areas. Vertica® walls can be built to virtually any height in incredibly tight spaces t...

Anchor Diamond® - Mortarless / pinless segmental retaining wall system

Acheson & Glover
Attractive, durable, versatile – and easy to install. Whether reinforced or unreinforced, the Anchor Diamond® system is a clear winner. Each Diamond® block features a patented rear lip that acts as a guide to ensure accurate alignment and precise set...

Anchor Aspen Stone® - The natural appearance of cut stone with a weathered textured finish

Acheson & Glover
Great the right look in half the time. The beauty of Aspen Stone® retaining walls isn’t only in the highly textured, richly coloured finish – it’s also in the simplicity of its construction. The perfect solution for smaller walls in domestic schem...

Secura Grand

Tobermore’s Secura range of retaining walling products provide architects, engineers, contractors and house builders with a cost-effective solution for all types and sizes of retaining wall projects. Secura Grand is generally used for larger or higher reta...

WoodBlocX Retaining Wall

WoodBlocX retaining walls are cantilevered using internal buttresses and can retain up to 1050mm of earth. WoodBlocX structures are joined with many dowels to create a rigid structure that can withstand tension forces (each dowel joint will withstand up to 0....

Concrete Retaining Wall

Poundfield Products
The Alfabloc® A frame is the original concrete retaining wall system. Designed to be freestanding in the majority of applications, it is a very structurally efficient and versatile concept. Available in heights from 1.22m all the way through to 6m the Alfabl...

Allan Block Retaining Wall Systems

Colinwell Masonry
Colinwell works with their strategic partner, Allan Block, the world leader in segmental retaining wall block technology, to manufacture the Allan Block collection. For almost 20 years Allan Block has been helping Architects, Engineers, Landscape Professionals...
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Did you know that the most common Material(s) for products within the Retaining Walls category are Concrete , aggregate and precast concrete?'

Marine and Coastal Defence Wall

Poundfield Products
Precast concrete marine and coastal sea defence walls, part of our bespoke concrete product department can be erected quickly and efficiently which makes the products particularly suited to construction in a tidal environment. In the harsh environmental condi...

Retaining Wall – Shuttabloc™

Poundfield Products
Poundfields unique Shuttabloc™ concrete retaining wall system has been designed to provide a faster, more economical alternative to casting in-situ. Whilst traditional precast concrete units are suitable for retaining bulk materials in many circumstances, s...

Retaining Wall – L-Bloc®

Poundfield Products
The Poundfield Product L-Bloc®, which was launched in 2003, is the only pre-stressed interlocking L shape concrete panel on the market and it has many advantages over normal precast L shape walls. Prestressed ‘L’ blocs offer an ideal design solution for ...

Concrete Retaining Block – Betaloc® XL

Poundfield Products
The Betaloc® XL is our brand name for an interlocking building concrete retaining block, Betabloc® XL provides a highly flexible construction system using interconnecting concrete blocks. Our standard unit is 800 x 800 x 1600 mm long, made of solid concret...

PVCU Fully Reversible Windows

CWG Choices
The perfect solution for high rise situations....

Freestanding Retaining Wall

Poundfield Products
The Taperbloc™ XL has been designed from evolution of the original Taperbloc™ as a direct response to the needs and demands of our customer’s and the industries to supply a freestanding retaining wall unit but not to the same capabilities of the Alfabloc...

Slurry Walls

Cementation Skanska Ltd
Barriers to the movement of gas and contaminated groundwater from brownfield industrial sites and old landfill sites Slurry trench cut-off walls provide barriers to the movement of gas and harmful liquids from contaminated sites or refuse dumps. They can als...

Durable Wood and Timber Retaining Walls

Ecochoice Ltd
For both wet and dry situations, Ecochoice offers a wide range of timbers suitable for direct ground contact. Our natural and highly durable timber species can be rough sawn or planed to work as an engineered solution such as tongue-and-grooved sheet piling. F...

Cast In Retaining Wall

JP Concrete Products Ltd
Easy Access – Cast-in units have no protruding toe which so often gets in the way of machinery such as loading buckets. Retain Large Loads – Suitable for large loads and surcharges from either one or both sides of the wall, allowing you to heap materials...

Freestanding Retaining Wall

JP Concrete Products Ltd
Quick & Easy To Install – Freestanding wall units feature fork pockets allowing you to quickly create divides and storage units. Stronger & Cheaper – Prestressed in a factory controlled environment, ensuring your walls are stronger as compared to reinfor...
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Did you know that the Length for products within the Retaining Walls category, can range from 235 mm to 800 mm and the average is 434 mm?

Concrete Bolt Down Retaining Wall

JP Concrete Products Ltd
Quick & Simple To Install – Dramatically reduce construction time and save money by installing walls yourself. Retain Large Loads – Suitable for large loads and surcharges from either one or both sides of the wall, allowing you to heap materials and driv...