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Search 10+ Piling from leading Substructure manufacturers including; Cordek, Cementation Skanska Ltd and Durapile Ltd.

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Other popular types of Substructure include; Protection Systems, Tanking and Ground Beams.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Piling include; Depth, Diameter and Finish(es).

Sacrificial Guide Wall Formers

Sacrificial Guide Wall Formers are used to accurately form an in-situ concrete guide wall which is critical in the positioning and alignment of piles in a contiguous or secant piled wall. From a customerÕs pile layout plan Cordek will produce a drawing detail...

Rotary bored Pile

Cementation Skanska Ltd
Rotary bored piling uses a bored piling machine with specially designed drilling tools, buckets and grabs to remove soil and rock. The auger with 4 or 5 turns of flight is bored into the ground, withdrawn, and the spoil removed. This process is repeated until ...

Continuous Flight Auger

Cementation Skanska Ltd
Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) piles are one of the most common techniques in the piling market. Generally a CFA rig can only bore as deep as its mast is high. Piles are constructed by drilling with a continuous flight auger to the designed depth, then pumping...

Sheet Pile Infills

Cordek Sheet Pile Infills are designed as a quick, economical and lightweight solution to infilling the open pans in an exposed sheet pile wall. Manufactured to order from Filcor EPS (Expanded Polystyrene), they are available in a range of profiles and densiti...

Floor slab solutions

Cementation Skanska Ltd
The requirement for integral enlarged pile heads has increased greatly as engineers and main contractors look for the most efficient and economical foundation solutions for large floor slabs and where pre-cast concrete structures are used. Cementation Skanska...

Solutions for confined spaces

Cementation Skanska Ltd
Grouted mini-piles Grouted mini-piles are a foundation solution when there isn’t much space – or there is low headroom. We have successfully used them for over 25 years. They are typically used to underpin or strengthen existing structures, internally or e...

Durapile - Piling

Durapile Ltd
Durapile is a BBA approved - CE Marked 200mm x 200mm pre cast concrete piling system designed for compressive loading, developed and manufactured exclusively by Wolfenden Concrete Ltd. This product provides a piled foundation by driving segmental, precast con...

Pilecor - Piling

The Pilecor system is designed to simplify the process of forming a structural connection between a bored pile and a basement slab construction. Pilecor is manufactured from high density Filcor EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) and is cut using CNC hot wire cutting e...

Plunged columns CEMLOC

Cementation Skanska Ltd
The proprietary Cemloc© system has been specifically developed by Cementation Skanska to accurately place plunged columns into diaphragm walls and bearing piles . This system is particularly effective when carrying out “Top-down” construction. “Top down...

Cased CFA - Piling

Cementation Skanska Ltd
The latest developments for accuracy and reducing ground settlement risk when CFA piling. In some ground conditions where soft or loose material overlies stiff ground at depth, the auger penetration rate slows down and the continuous flight can act like an Ar...
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Did you know that the Depth for products within the Piling category, can range from 7.9 mm to 7.9 mm and the average is 7 mm?

Micro piles

Cementation Skanska Ltd
While we operate some of the largest piling rigs in the country, we also use some of the smallest, such as the Grundomat system, where equipment is man portable. The "Micro" prefix however, is a definition of diameter not rig size. Some projects require very ...

Auger and screw displacement piles

Cementation Skanska Ltd
Cementation Skanska’s auger displacement piling (ADP) system is a quick, quiet and virtually vibration free alternative to driven type piles for lighter loads in urban situations. The ADP system generates minimal spoil, reducing costs of disposal, an importa...

Driven piling

Cementation Skanska Ltd
Driven piling is a versatile system suitable for many types of soils providing economical and quick piling solutions, provided noise and vibration are not a concern to neighbours. Cementation Skanska offer a range of driven piling solutions. Driven cast-in-si...