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    Secura Grand

    Tobermore’s Secura range of retaining walling products provide architects, engineers, contractors and house builders with a cost-effective solution for all types and sizes of retaining wall projects. Secura Grand is generally used for larger or higher reta...

    Void Fill (Civil Engineering) EPS Road and Rail embankments

    S and B EPS Ltd
    With its high strength-to-weight ratio and ability to withstand mechanical loads, S and B fill can assist in reducing the pressure on soils when taking into account the high unacceptable loadings that can be present, whilst offering a proven economical alterna...

    Reinforcement Spacers

    Gripper and Tric-trac spacers are designed to support the steel reinforcement used within reinforced concrete structures. The spacers remain in-situ throughout the construction process allowing the reinforcement to become encased in concrete. When installed co...

    CFA Piles - Piling

    Bullivant Taranto Ltd
    CFA (Contiguous Flight Auger) piling provides a general purpose application for both new and refurbishment projects. The piles are speedily installed using Taranto Ltd's computer-controlled boring equipment which can cater for most ground conditions. Taranto ...


    Delta Membrane Systems Limited
    DELTA®-MS500 is a cavity drain membrane used as waterproofing / damp proofing on walls, floors and vaulted ceilings, above and below ground, in new construction or in existing buildings over a contaminated or damp background. Cost effective, simple to inst...

    Sacrificial Guide Wall Formers

    Sacrificial Guide Wall Formers are used to accurately form an in-situ concrete guide wall which is critical in the positioning and alignment of piles in a contiguous or secant piled wall. From a customerÕs pile layout plan Cordek will produce a drawing detail...

    Koster NB 1 Grey waterproofing Slurry

    Delta Membrane Systems Limited
    Mineral waterproofing system for positive (external) and negative side (internal) waterproofing against pressurized water. This mineral coating contains crystallizing and capillary-plugging agents. It is resistant against chlorides, sulphates and phosphates. C...

    DELTA-PT - Tanking

    Delta Membrane Systems Limited
    DELTA®-PT is a special HDPE waterproofing membrane which is extruded into a series of studs. The purpose of the studs is to create a continuous air gap behind the waterproof membrane. On the face of the membrane a welded mesh allows plasters and renders to bo...


    DRILL-TERGE™ is liquid solution of non-ionic surfactants formulated to increase detergency and wetting properties of drilling fluids. Designed to work in fresh or saltwater to reduce torque and drag....

    DualProof - Pre-applied External Waterproofing Membrane

    Delta Membrane Systems Limited
    Type A external (positive side) waterproofing DualProof is a fully and permanently bonded, self-adhesive, composite sheet which does not only waterproof but protects against gas and chemicals. It consists of a sealed two layer highly flexible PVC membrane lami...
    Did you know that the most common Certifications for products within the Substructure category are ISO 9001 , ISO 14001 and Building Confidence?'

    Basement Waterproofing Membranes

    Delta Membrane Systems Limited
    Our range of membranes are manufactured with air gap technology, they consist of a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) sheet, molded into a series of raised studs, or dimples. When the membrane is applied to the substrate the studs create an air gap cavity. This ...

    Bentonite Coarse

    BENTONITE COARSE is a granular bentonite composed of polymer-free, dried clay in various mesh sizes....

    Cellcore HX S

    Cellcore HX S is designed for use beneath reinforced concrete floor slabs to protect against the potential effects of ground heave. The product consists of a cellular construction of Filcor EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) which has been designed, moulded and tested...

    Marine and Coastal Defence Wall

    Poundfield Products
    Precast concrete marine and coastal sea defence walls, part of our bespoke concrete product department can be erected quickly and efficiently which makes the products particularly suited to construction in a tidal environment. In the harsh environmental condi...

    Plunged columns CEMLOC

    Cementation Skanska Ltd
    The proprietary Cemloc© system has been specifically developed by Cementation Skanska to accurately place plunged columns into diaphragm walls and bearing piles . This system is particularly effective when carrying out “Top-down” construction. “Top down...

    Insulslab - Raft Foundations

    Insulslab SFRC
    Insulslab is an innovative, high quality, patented foundation system that is suitable for use on a wide range of soil types. Insulslab is available exclusively through SIG Insulation stockists....

    Pre-cast Piling

    Bullivant Taranto Ltd
    Taranto Ltd offers the widest range of precast pile types and sizes available throughout Ireland. All our precast concrete piles are manufactured at our production facility in Tandragee, Co. Armagh where our Company Management System has achieved ISO 9001 and ...

    Cellvent HX

    Cellvent HX combines the benefits of the Cellcore HX range with Ventform to alleviate the effects of ground heave whilst also providing an excellent gas venting medium. It is designed for use under suitably reinforced ground floor slabs where subsidence is not...

    Basement Waterproofing Products

    Newton Waterproofing Systems
    Basement Waterproofing With Newton System 500 Cavity Drain System Newton System 500 is an internally applied basement waterproofing systems based upon our extensive range of cavity drain membranes, drainage conduits and sophisticated pumping and control sys...

    Super Gel-X

    SUPER GEL-X® is a 200 bbl yield bentonite drilling fluid for maximum viscosity. Controls filtration rate for borehole stabilization and prevention of fluid loss....
    Did you know that the most common Typical Use for products within the Substructure category are Waterproofing , Basements and Damp proofing?'

    Ground Form

    Groundform is a permanent formwork system used for applications including pile cap and ground beam construction. Manufactured from a robust polypropylene material, it is suitable for supporting a maximum depth of 1.2m of concrete required for ground beams and ...

    Substructure Building Products

    Essential parts of the construction process, Substructure products and systems encompass the elements of a building that form its very structure – think ground beams, piling, protection systems, raft foundations, retaining walls, tanking, and underpinning. Substructure components are used in a wide range of industrial, commercial, and residential applications.
    SpecifiedBy allows you to search, source, and compare an extensive range of Substructure systems and solutions from some of the UK’s leading manufacturers, including CETCO, Colinwell Masonry, Eurocell, Max Frank, On The Level, Triton Systems, Profile 22 Systems, Newton Waterproofing Systems, Insulslab SFRC, Tobermore, Cavity Trays, Cordek, Delta Membrane Systems, and more.
    We allow you to source the very best Substructure elements for you project, including basement waterproofing products, damp proofing products, Allan Block retaining wall systems, square grating tanking kits, reinforcement spacers, ground form, Corgrid, steel driven piles, pre-cast piling, driven piling, slurry walls, and much, much more.