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Geomembranes represent the other largest group of geosynthetics, and in dollar volume their sales are greater than that of geotextiles. Their growth in the United States and Germany was stimulated by governmental regulations originally enacted in the early 1980s for the lining of solid-waste landfills. The materials themselves are relatively thin, impervious sheets of polymeric material used primarily for linings and covers of liquids- or solid-storage facilities. This includes all types of landfills, surface impoundments, canals, and other containment facilities. Thus the primary function is always containment as a liquid or vapor barrier or both. The range of applications, however, is great, and in addition to the environmental area, applications are rapidly growing in geotechnical, transportation, hydraulic, and private development engineering (such as aquaculture, agriculture, heap leach mining, etc.).

2 in 1 Weed Suppression Fabric

Landscape & weed suppression fabric. This unique fabric gives the best of both worlds without compromise using the latest non woven technology. Geosynthetics 2 in 1 is strong and highly puncture resistant and most importantly exceptionally permeable. Almost ha...

Fildrain - Geomembranes

Fildrain findrain drainage geocomposite is a cost effective alternative to traditional stone drainage. It collects and channels liquids and gases to a carrier pipe for transportation to a suitable discharge point. Fildrain findrain has many applications in hig...

Non-Woven Geotextile Membrane - NW8

Mainland Aggregates Ltd
Consists of: NW8 is a non-woven, thermally bonded geotextile for use as a drainage filter and separator in all types of civil engineering, building and landfill projects. NW8 is used below access roads (both temporary and permanent) to create a firm base on wh...

Alphaline - Geomembranes

Alphaline HD geomembranes are manufactured from high quality virgin HDPE (high density polyethylene) in a quality controlled environment allowing a quality assurance certificate to be provided for each roll guaranteeing the properties and performance. The HDPE...

Ecotex MulchMat

Hy-Tex (UK) Ltd
The first professional grade, weed control membrane made purely from organic material that is fully compostable, has a low carbon footprint and is naturally fire resistant is now available in the UK exclusively from Hy-Tex. Ecotex MulchMat is an effective, ea...

Green Power Thermal Weeder

Hozelock Ltd
The Green Power Thermal Weeder provides a unique way to control weeds on driveways, paths and patios without the need to use chemicals. Key Benefits Include: Eliminate weeds without the use of chemicals Destroy the weed in seconds with a thermal shock Precise...

Bentomat CL

Bentomat CL is designed for better performance under more variable conditions, by providing permeabilities ranging from 10 to 1000 times lower than standard GCL's. Ideal for applications where additional hydraulic performance is required, the CL range incorpor...

Ablon - Geomembranes

Ablon is a robust monolithic geomembrane produced from a high-quality thermoplastic co-polymer. The manufacturing process creates an integral liner that is extremely flexible making it ideal for installations with complex features or irregular shapes. Ablon...

4.5m x 100m Multitrack NW8 Non-Woven Geotextile Membrane

we also offer 2.25m x 100m, 1.125m x 100m and cut sections of 2.25m width in 10m increments. Multitrack NW8 is our direct equivalent to Terram 1000 and is the ideal solution for filtration, separation and drainage applications. Suitable for gardens, drivewa...

Nonwoven Geotextiles

Don & Low Ltd (Nonwovens)
Lotrak® polypropylene nonwoven geotextiles compliment our portfolio of geosynthetics and enables us to address a more diverse variety of civil engineering applications. Lotrak® 100, 200 and 300 prevent the intermixing of selected sub base materials from t...
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Did you know that the Width for products within the Geomembranes category, can range from 2.25 mm to 4500 mm and the average is 2625 mm?


Calch Ty-Mawr Lime
Thermally bonded non woven geotextiles have been developed for separation and filtration in a wide range of groundworks applications. Manufactured using a unique thermal bonding process, it has excellent filtration properties, making it ideal for use in a var...

Abtex - Geomembranes

Abtex SG woven geotextiles offer the ideal solution to typical separation and reinforcement applications. The Abtex SG woven geotextile range has a wide range of tensile strengths that ensure there is an SG grade geotextile for most performance requirements. ...


DeepRoot Urban Solutions, Ltd.
Block roots, control invasive species and bamboo, protect foundations, and manage water with DeepRoot Geomembranes. Flexible, smooth, and available in a variety of widths and thicknesses, they serve two specific purposes: Root block and invasive species contro...