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Geotextiles form one of the two largest groups of geosynthetics. They are textiles consisting of synthetic fibers rather than natural ones such as cotton, wool, or silk. This makes them less susceptible to bio-degradation. These synthetic fibers are made into flexible, porous fabrics by standard weaving machinery or are matted together in a random non woven manner. Some are also knitted. Geotextiles are porous to liquid flow across their manufactured plane and also within their thickness, but to a widely varying degree. There are at least 100 specific application areas for geotextiles that have been developed; however, the fabric always performs at least one of four discrete functions: separation, reinforcement, filtration, and/or drainage.

Fortrac Natur

Huesker UK
A further solution offered by HUESKER is the GRS Fortrac Natur retaining wall system, featuring geogrids plus wash-out protection layer or - for slope gradients below 45° - geogrids plus surface erosion protection. Unlike GRS Fortrac Natur S, the system takes...

Dekotex - Geogrids

Dekotex indicator layer is designed specifically for use in bridge deck construction to act as warning layer to protect bridge deck waterproofing during resurfacing or repair work. Dekotex indicator layer is a self-adhesive glass fibre coloured bright orang...

Abgrid - Geogrids

Abgrid geogrid is manufactured from extruded polypropylene which is then punched and then drawn to form a monolithic geogrid with strength in two planes (biaxial). The combination of ribs and the corresponding nodes within the geogrid allows loads to be tra...

Basetrac Grid

Huesker UK
Our Basetrac Grid geogrids are being manufactured from two raw materials: polypropylene or polyester. They are polymer coated for high UV-stability and low installation damage. These geogrids offer standard biaxial tensile strength from 20 to 80 kN/m. The prod...

Advanced Turf

When installed Advanced Turf is supplied with a specially selected turf finish. As the roots of the grass develop they penetrate through the Advanced Turf mesh to form a deep-anchored root system and a very stable root zone. The result is a free-draining natur...

Basetrac Duo

Huesker UK
Basetrac Duo is a composite material - geogrid plus nonwoven. The geogrid is being manufactured from polypropylene, polyester or polyvinylalcohol. The nonwoven is made of polypropylen. Basetrac Duo offers a standard biaxial tensile strength up to 75 kN/m. High...

Fortrac Heavy Load

Huesker UK
Fortrac Heavy Load is a system for storage of extra-heavy units, e.g. monopiles for offshore wind turbines, pipelines or ship components. The system, consisting of Fortrac geogrids, special woven and filling material, provides a uniform seating with high resis...

Interlock - Geogrids

Interlock is a biaxial extruded polypropylene, geogrid. Interlock geogrids are designed for soil stabilisation and reinforcement applications. The installation of Interlock within the granular material will increase sub base performance and bearing capacity an...

Basetrac Duo-C

Huesker UK
Basetrac Duo-C is a composite material - geogrid plus nonwoven. The geogrid is being manufactured from polypropylene, polyester or polyvinylalcohol coated with a polymer. Basetrac Duo-C offers a standard biaxial tensile strength up to 65 kN/m. Higher tensile s...

Ecogrid Securagrid SS20 4 x 50m rolls

Biaxial monolithic geogrid Ecogrid Securagrid SS20 is made from 100% polypropylene (PP) using unique technology. It is used for reinforcement of the unbound layers of roads and trafficked areas and to stabilize the construction layers of railway structures. It...
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EPS Geogrids

Corden EPS
Corden eps Geogrid is a biaxial extruded polypropylene grid, designed for ground stabilisation. Corden eps Geogrid is a polymeric product composed of stiff rubs running at right angles to each other with rectangular openings (Apertures) of regular size (typi...

Geogrid - Geogrids

Calch Ty-Mawr Lime
Geogrids are geosynthetic material made from polymers such as polypropylene, polyethylene or polyester. In the Sublime Insulated Flooring System the Geogrid adds to the flexural and compressive strength of the Limecrete slab. It is laid on the second laye...