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A geocomposite consists of a combination of geotextiles, geogrids, geonets and/or geomembranes in a factory fabricated unit. Also, any one of these four materials can be combined with another synthetic material (e.g., deformed plastic sheets or steel cables) or even with soil. As examples, a geonet or geospacer with geotextiles on both surfaces and a GCL consisting of a geotextile/bentonite/geotextile sandwich are both geocomposites. This specific category brings out the best creative efforts of the engineer and manufacturer. The application areas are numerous and constantly growing. The major functions encompass the entire range of functions listed for geosynthetics discussed previously: separation, reinforcement, filtration, drainage, and containment.

DuoDrain Drainage Composite

DuoDrain® is the modern, cost-effective alternative to traditional drainage and gas venting methods. This diverse range of geocomposite drainage systems will provide you with practical solutions for a wide variety of groundwater and gas related problems. DuoD...

Deckdrain - Geocomposites

Deckdrain is a high performance drainage system designed to replaces stone drainage layers. Deckdrain has been specifically developed to provide high flow capacity and added protection to waterproofing. Deckdrain consists of a high strength flexible polyet...

Tektoseal Active

Huesker UK
HUESKER‘s Tektoseal Active is a highly innovative product concept that sets new benchmarks in eco-efficient construction and environmental measures for groundwater protection and contaminated site remediation. The active geocomposite products are available i...

Voldrain - Geocomposites

Sub-surface studded HDPE drainage composite with non-woven polypropylene geotextile filter fabric. VOLDRAIN is a sub-structure composite drainage geotextile recommended for use in both horizontal and vertical situations to reduce hydrostatic pressure. It c...

Cavidrain Tunnels

Cavidrain is a preformed geocomposite drainage system designed to relieve water penetration and reduce hydrostatic pressure within tunnel constructions. Traditional methods of groundwater exclusion are difficult to install with any degree of reliability in mod...

Cavidrain Building

ABG Cavidrain drainage geocomposite is a preformed cavity drainage system designed to relieve water penetration from basements and buried structures. It is designed for use on both new and existing structures. Traditional methods of groundwater exclusion ar...