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Search 4 Swimming Pool Equipment from leading Special Furniture & Fittings manufacturers including; E J Bowman (Birmingham) Ltd, E J Group Ltd and Calorex Heat Pumps Ltd.

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Important criteria to consider when specifying Swimming Pool Equipment include; Thickness, Material and Length.

Swimming Pool & Spa Pool Heat Exchangers

E J Bowman (Birmingham) Ltd
E J Bowman is one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of Swimming Pool & Spa Heat Exchangers. There are two ranges of Bowman Swimming Pool Heat Exchangers, one for use with boilers and the other for use with Solar Panels/Heat Pumps. Our units offer reliabili...

Outlet Grids & Frames

E J Group Ltd
E J Group Limited manufactures outlet grids and frame which comply with the industry standard requirements for health & safety. They are made in standard sizes of 250mm x 250mm, 300mm x 300mm, 450mm x 450mm & 600mm x 600mm as well as well as bespoke sizes to m...

Sight Glasses

E J Group Ltd
E J Group Limited manufacture sight glasses for filter backwash pipe lines from clear acrylic in standard sizes from 2” to 12”. The standard length is 300mm overall but can be made to any size to suit all site requirements. The sight glasses are manufact...

Pro-Pac 8-22

Calorex Heat Pumps Ltd
Pro-Pac 8-22 X models are designed to extend the useable period of a normal outdoor pool, working when air temperatures are above 5°C. Pro-Pac 8-22 Y models are designed to work in air temperatures down to -15°C, and are suited to heat indoor or outdoor pool...