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Search 8 Retractable Seating from leading Special Furniture & Fittings manufacturers including; Hussey Seatway, Ahrend Ltd and Forum Seating.

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Other popular types of Special Furniture & Fittings include; Bar Furniture / Equipment, Playground Equipment and Cinema & Theatre Furniture.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Retractable Seating include; Height, Width and Span.

Seatway TP Retractable Platforms

Hussey Seatway
A premium, high performance, retractable (telescopic) seating system that is custom engineered to suit specific spaces and design concepts leading to flexible seating configurations. Seatway TP retractable platforms have been developed in the UK specifically f...

Ahrend Living Wall

Ahrend Ltd
Acoustic, beautiful and functional. The Living Wall maximises wall space, bringing life to any wall, in any environment. Designed by Frans van der Wielen using soft panels to create a wall you can lean against to call, to discuss, or you can sit down to work a...

The mobile rows system

Forum Seating
The mobile rows system allows for using the whole space in an effective way. It is a perfect solution for a flat surface. It does not require fixing to the floor and it leaves no marks. The assembly process is quick and easy. The rows arrangement can be adjust...

The sliding rows system

Forum Seating
The sliding rows system is a fully functional solution that ensures different arrangement possibilities of one hall. The armchairs can be hidden directly under a stage, which allows for making use of the whole available area. When folded, the Unit armchairs oc...

TFS - Retractable Seating

Arena Seating
The TFS (Tensioned Fabric Structure) offers the most spectacular venue for any event, whether it’s an exhibition, concert or conference. Available in 30m, 40m and 50m spans, with a peak height of up to 17 metres, it meets any event need. The TFS is a tempora...

Clearview - Retractable Seating

Arena Seating
clearview™  is Arena Group’s patented, reconfigurable, demountable seating grandstand which is proven to provide the best possible sightline from every seat. Designed initially as a temporary seating system it is now also being utilised by permanent venue...

Flat Tip Up

Arena Seating
Ideal for indoor and outdoor concerts and events where space is at a premium, the Flat Tip Up system utilises tiered tip-up seats secured with a unique modular floorbar arrangement every third seat. The tip-up seats use less space than a conventional flat chai...

Diplomat - Retractable Seating

Arena Seating
The Diplomat is ideal for temporary conference or media seating and provides delegates with the comfort and aesthetics demanded in a corporate environment. We also provide supporting structures including camera platforms, media boxes, gantries, lighting and...