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    Volare - Domestic Bedroom Furniture

    Poltrona Frau
    Roberto Lazzeroni outlines a light and airy vision of the classic four-poster bed. His design is for a large structured bed, luxurious in terms of its workmanship and natural materials, yet at the same time discrete and sparing. It is a warm and welcoming bed,...

    552 FLOE INSEL

    Floe Insel emerged from Patricia Urquiola’s desire to create an unforgettable, versatile modular system, inspired by icebergs, whose sculptural, monolithic bulk floats weightlessly on water. A soft mass, made up of different geometries provided by a play of ...

    LC12 - Domestic Dining Room Furniture

    Rectangular tables with polished trivalent chrome plated (CR3) or semigloss light blue enamel steel frame. Tops in Canaletto walnut, natural oak or black-stained oak thickn. 50 mm (2”), crystal or textured glass thickn. 15 mm (0.6”). With table-tops comi...

    Bretagne - Domestic Living Room Furniture

    Poltrona Frau
    The Bretagne sofa offers new and elegant decorative combinations of different materials. The numerous welcoming seat cushions come in a new version with removable fabric cover, emphasising their softness and comfort. Combined with the frame upholstered in Pell...

    Flavia - Domestic Bedroom Furniture

    Poltrona Frau
    Soft, clear-cut lines feature greatly in Flavia, the bed that stands out for its stitching. The soft headrest upholstered in Pelle Frau® leather highlights all the skill of the leather workmanship, ensuring comfort and protection. The headboard is made from s...

    Kennedee - Domestic Living Room Furniture

    Poltrona Frau
    A sofa with a personality that stands out from the crowd. International elegance. Dynamic and wide-ranging lines. Kennedee is a modular system with an infinite number of combinations. The light and modern quilting of the backrest and cushions reveals Poltrona ...

    Jemima Four Poster Bed

    Children's Furniture Co
    The Jemima four poster bed is cool, fresh and simple. Perfect for your big (little) girl that needs a more grown-up feel to her room. But we have still managed to sneak in a few extra girly features such as the curved headboard. 2010mm (length) x 980mm (widt...

    L41 SLED - Domestic Bedroom Furniture

    Sled with a shelf built into the headboard, to be placed in the centre of a room. Sled Slim with a slightly curved headboard, to be placed against a wall. Headboard and bed frame in curved plywood in open grain dark stained oak. Headboard cushioning is availab...

    Let It Be - Domestic Living Room Furniture

    Poltrona Frau
    The natural evolution of the sofa, Let it be’s philosophy is implicit in its name. A famous song by the Beatles, it is evocative of a period of newfound freedom from all types of formalism and convention.The Ludovica + Roberto Palomba project also embraces a...

    Chester Sofa

    Poltrona Frau
    Chester, Poltrona Frau’s icon par excellence, and its contemporary version, the Chester Line.With a stately, sculpturesque, representative aura, and an open architecture, you can freely configure the line’s furniture for a more casual social setting. Chest...
    Did you know that the most common Finish(es) for products within the Domestic Furniture category are lacquered , oak and white?'

    GranTorino Coupé Bed

    Poltrona Frau
    Jean-Marie Massaud has designed a more compact and minimalist version of the GranTorino Bed. The key compositional element of the GranTorino Coupé Bed is the smaller headboard, which creates an elegant sense of continuity with the bed frame. Delicate ‘x’-...

    GranTorino Sofa

    Poltrona Frau
    Jean-Marie Massaud takes inspiration from the world of saddlery and design GranTorino. A huge amount of freedom in how you put it all together. A modular sofa with an exquisite, original version that combines Saddle Extra Leather with Pelle Frau® leather or f...


    Beam Sofa System has evolved into a new version whose increased dimensions makes for a higher impact result. Super Beam sofa system also enriches the Beam Sofa System range, further accentuating its modular aspect, its elegance, its high quality and sophistica...

    LC4 chaise lounge

    — leather (headrest in black leather or in the same colour as the mat); Designed in 1928 this chair became famous in 1965 with Cassina, the LC4 is the definitive chaise longue: built in a shape designed for relaxation, the chair was created when the three d...

    LC15 - Domestic Living Room Furniture

    A round table with steel lattice base, polished in LC colours (semigloss grey, green or black) with top in natural oak, black-stained oak or American walnut. Le Corbusier designed a table in 1958, intended for both home décor and conferences with an organic...

    L34 MEX C - Domestic Bedroom Furniture

    Bed with padded frame and headboard, covers in removable fabric or on-removable leather. Gap between frame and floor 3 cm (1.2”). The frame can be disassembled and is in multilayer poplar with an expanded foam core. Cushioning on the top part of the headboar...

    Suzie Wong

    Poltrona Frau
    Inspiration for the Suzie Wong bed comes from romantic comedy films in the fifties and, even further back, sumptuous alcoves from the 1700s. Roberto Lazzeroni gives us a light, feminine, almost twee version. The reference model is the classic boat bed, streaml...

    Aurora Due

    Poltrona Frau
    A seductive interpretation of the night. The headboard is large and inviting, embellished by delicate modelling and punctuated at regular intervals to create a modern capitonné effect that will take you back to the 1800s. The beech headboard is upholstered in...

    Massimosistema Sofa

    Poltrona Frau
    The simplicity of the basic elements and the multiplicity of possible configurations: Massimosistema is the modern evolution of the sofa. Clean lines and geometric volumes, in a perfectly-calibrated creation with generous and inviting seats. It is a collection...


    Poltrona Frau
    Poltrona Frau designs a bed that recalls the ample, generous geometries of the Massimosistema sofa. A play on overlays that feature on the back and cushions. Upholstery is in Pelle Frau® leather enhanced by beautiful quilted stitching. The headboard structu...
    Did you know that the most common Material(s) for products within the Domestic Furniture category are fabric , Lime wood and upholstery?'

    Steeve - Domestic Living Room Furniture

    Arper SpA
    Steeve is a modern, modular system imagined for the refined home or work environment. Customizable in a wide range of fabrics, leathers and finishes, Steeve’s three versatile components –– bench, armchair and sofa and relative modules –– can be arran...

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