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Search 10+ Internal Sculptures from leading Circulation Area Fittings manufacturers including; David Harber Ltd, CANAL by Canal Engineering and Electro Signs Ltd.

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Other popular types of Circulation Area Fittings include; Noticeboards, Displays Fittings and Signs.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Internal Sculptures include; Material, Bespoke and Diameter.


David Harber Ltd
It is always difficult to predict which part of a brief will provide the creative spark for a David Harber design. In the case of The Quince Tree, a light and airy restaurant, café and farm shop in the Chiltern Hills, not far from London, it was their logo. ...

CHALICE - Internal Sculptures

David Harber Ltd
The award-winning Chalice was originally designed for the exterior but can also create a mesmerising focal point in an interior setting. REFLECTIONS Made of two mirror-polished stainless steel hemispheres, the water overflows from its outer rim and by the ma...


David Harber Ltd
David Harber's indoor water walls are justly renowned. Using combinations of traditional and contemporary materials, mood lighting and etched detailing, we are known for creating a wow factor even in the most limited of spaces. David Harber's striking water ...

FIRE TABLE - Interiors

David Harber Ltd
This table is a Dark Planet hemisphere inset with a mirror-polished stainless steel vortex within which a flame mechanism has been set. It creates an extraordinary and elemental effect and is hypnotic by day and night. The fire element can be run on mains, bo...

TURBINE - Internal Sculptures

David Harber Ltd
The new Turbine wall sculpture is inspired by the fins of a jet engine. FLASHING BLADES Formed from juxtaposed metal blades, the light, shadows and reflections all shift and interplay, depending on the vantage point, bringing this exciting new sculpture ener...

MIRAGE - Internal Sculptures

David Harber Ltd
Creating a dialogue with its immediate surroundings, the sophisticated design of the Mirage wall art features a convex mirror to distort reflection and usher the viewer into another dimension. A verdigris outer body surrounds the burnished warmth of hammered ...


David Harber Ltd
Harber is best known for his garden sculptures, but has long extended his repertoire into interiors as well as public spaces, and in terms of his artistic practice, sees no major difference in working across these boundaries. A three-dimensional object in a t...

ALVEARE - Internal Sculptures

David Harber Ltd
Inspired by the natural form of a beehive, this small indoor sculpture is perfect for use on a console table or indeed any table in the home. Composed of mirror-polished stainless steel tubes crafted to an elliptical form, the inner surfaces of each tube can ...


David Harber Ltd
What kind of effect did you want to create with the swimming pool? I had seen the wonderful array of materials, metal finishes and colors available from David Harber water features. The client and I were after a deep sea-green color to enhance the indigo blue ...

Sculpture - Internal Sculptures

CANAL by Canal Engineering
CANAL Architectural has a wealth of experience with bespoke architectural metalwork in residential and commercial environments. With a reputation for design innovation, CANAL ensures every project conforms to the latest standards and regulations before product...
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Did you know that the most common Material(s) for products within the Internal Sculptures category are Stainless Steel , Bronze and Metal?'

MANTLE - Interiors

David Harber Ltd
The Mantle is made of hundreds of verdigris bronze petal shapes, the underside of each one gilded with 23¾-carat gold leaf. As an interior piece it is scaled accordingly and internally lit, creating a rich, magical light source. This is a limited-edition pie...

Mirror Balls and Mirror Sculptures

Electro Signs Ltd
Design & manufacture of all types of mirror effects, sculptured in fibre glass and covered in mirror tiles from 2m diameter mirror balls to 3m mirrored Christian Louboutin stilletos. Installation site surveys and visual designs are all part of the service we ...


David Harber Ltd
This miniature bronze casting of Atlas can support either an armillary sphere or a terrestrial globe. An example of one of David Harber's earliest pieces, the Atlas Dial is designed primarily as an adornment to a desk or table. For more tabletop sculptures f...

TITAN  - Interiors

David Harber Ltd
This was an example of a bespoke commission where the brief from the client was to create an imposing sculptural piece that would sit well in a hall and also help to frame the view to the garden. David's response was to create a human-sized Titan indoor sculp...


David Harber Ltd
Based on a noonday cannon commissioned by the Sun King, Louis XIV, for the gardens of Versailles, this miniature bronze cannon is set off at noon by the sun's rays, which are magnified through a lens. Beautiful and intriguing as a scientific instrument yet dr...

VOLANTE - Internal Sculptures

David Harber Ltd
With two verdigris bronze wings flanking a mirror-polished stainless steel rill, down which moving water lightly cascades, Volante is a figure-like statement: tall, elegant and self-contained. With a small physical footprint, the Volante is an ideal size for ...


David Harber Ltd
Striking metal wall art in two variations: the Lattice Wall Sculpture feature a delicate verdigris bronze latticework with organic patterns; the Labyrinth Wall Sculpture has contemporary geometric latticework. LUMINOSITY The Lattice: an intricate wall sculpt...

TORUS - Interiors

David Harber Ltd
Brilliant mirror-polished stainless steel, convex curves and knife-edge seams combine with a central portal hole to contrast and connect with its environment. This scaled-down version of the original, which can be mounted on a surface or a wall, serves both t...

VORTEX - Internal Sculptures

David Harber Ltd
Inspired by the notion of The Black Hole, the Vortex is a water feature that combines mirror-polished stainless steel, flowing water and LED lighting to create a mesmerising whirlpool of movement. MESMERISING An ideal size for an indoor water fountain, the v...