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Search 7 Mezzanine Floors from leading Secondary Floors manufacturers including; Hampshire Mezzanine Floors, Engineered Solutions (Projects) Ltd and Compact Storage Ltd.

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Other popular types of Secondary Floors include; Acoustic Damping, Platform / Raised Floors and Floor Levelling Systems.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Mezzanine Floors include; Standards, Colour(s) and Finish(es).

Mezzstor - Mezzanine Floors

Compact Storage Ltd
MEZZSTOR MEZZANINE FLOORS ARE A COST EFFECTIVE WAY TO INCREASE YOUR FLOOR SPACE WITHOUT THE NEED TO TAKE ON A NEW UNIT. Our mezzanine floors consist of square hollow section columns, I section beams, C section deckbeams, 38mm P6 chipboard decking or 4mm chequ...

Mezzanine Floors

Redditch Partitions & Storage Co Ltd
Mezzanine floors are a feature of industrial, commercial and retail sectors throughout the U.K. Consider the advantages of installing a REDDIMEZZ mezzanine floor in to your business against the alternatives when space is at a premium. Moving to another locat...

Pallet Gate Range

Safesite Ltd
Safe movement of goods between different floors and levels Kee Pallet Gates are part of the Kee Gate range of safety gates and have been designed specifically to allow goods to be moved safely up or down from mezzanines or raised working surfaces. The ran...

Plant Mezzanine Floor

Hampshire Mezzanine Floors
A plant mezzanine floor can be installed internally or externally for the safe accommodation of mechanical and electrical systems. An external mezzanine floor will be made from galvanised steel. Hampshire Mezzanine Floors can design and install bespoke plant ...

Storage Platform Mezzanine Floor

Hampshire Mezzanine Floors
A storage platform mezzanine floor is exactly as it sounds, a mezzanine floor used for storage purposes only. It is the ideal solution to maximising the space you have available. So instead of moving premises, you use the area above you instead – creating ad...

Mezzanine Floor

Engineered Solutions (Projects) Ltd
How to Create the Perfect Mezzanine Floor Work Space At the design phase there are a number of key issues which must be checked. These are:- 1) How do you intend to get goods on and off the mezzanine floor? 2) How often are you going to be on the mezzanine ...

Office Mezzanine Floors

Hampshire Mezzanine Floors
An office mezzanine floor can create additional work space without the need to expand your building, alter the layout of your existing premises or relocate premises altogether. By using the space above you can almost double the space you already have. Hampshi...

Retail Mezzanine Floor

Hampshire Mezzanine Floors
Hampshire Mezzanine Floors has specialised in the retail sector significantly in recent years, due to its innovative and cost effective solutions. Hampshire Mezzanine Floors can transform a retail environment by maximising the sales area and optimising the flo...

Strebord P6 & P5 (MR) Core

Falcon Panel Products Ltd
Strebord 38mm Mezzanine Decking is available as a P6 Standard or P5 (MR) Moisture Resistant Core. Strebord is the No.1 choice in the vast majority of installations in the UK and abroad. ...

Strebord FloorGuard Grip

Falcon Panel Products Ltd
Durable, slip resistant mezzanine floor decking. Strebord FloorGuard GRIP is coated in the UK on a state of the art automated line and offers total flexibility with a Grey or Clear slip resistant surface on a P6 Standard or P5 (MR) Moisture Resistant core. ...
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Did you know that the most common Finish(es) for products within the Mezzanine Floors category are galvanised and paint?

Strebord 38mm Flooring Range

Falcon Panel Products Ltd
The market leading 38mm Mezzanine Decking is available as a P6 Standard or P5 (MR) Moisture Resistant Core with a choice of surface finishes to meet end user requirements. ...

Strebord FloorGuard

Falcon Panel Products Ltd
UV Acrylic Lacquer mezzanine floor decking. Coated in the UK on a state of the art automated line, Strebord FloorGuard offers total flexibility with the option of a Grey or Clear surface on a P6 Standard or P5 (MR) Moisture Resistant core. ...