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Search 20+ Floor Levelling Systems from leading Secondary Floors manufacturers including; Uzin, Easylay Systems and Eurodek Raised Access Floor Solutions, A Product of SIG Interiors.

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Other popular types of Secondary Floors include; Acoustic Damping, Platform / Raised Floors and Sub-Floor Boards.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Floor Levelling Systems include; Colour(s), Product ID and Weight.

UZIN PE 425 Concrete Reinforcement

Reinforcing brittle screeds Water-based EP primer concentrate to reinforce brittle, sagging mineral-based screeds - Reinforcement of dilapidated screeds in renovation work; also of sand-shedding new screeds or screeds with inadequate strength - Can avoi...

Comfort FloorFixx

Easylay Systems
Floorfixx Comfort is a Floating subfloor preparation and acoustic reduction system which levels out unevenness in the original screed or timber floor. The unique double layered overlap system uses interactive adhesive to easily create a new smooth, level and r...

Level-X Self-levelling Compound

Woodpecker Flooring
Level-X can be used to solve the problem of an uneven subfloor. This fibre-reinforced, self-levelling compound forms into a smooth layer above the irregular surface. It can be applied for 2 to 50mm in a single pour. Woodpecker Level-X is a flexible, shrinka...

UZIN NC 110 calcium sulphate based smoothing compound

Stress-free levelling with the newest levelling compound technology Self-levelling, calcium-sulphate based smoothing and levelling compound for thicknesses up to 50 mm - extremely good flow characteristics, even better result of laid covering surfaces -...

Profloor Levelling System

A Proctor Group
The Profloor Levelling System was developed in order that a level, finished floor could be laid on a cambered, stepped, or uneven sub-floor. Robust Detail constructions can still benefit from a levelling system that provides the final level and takes out any i...

UZIN PE 404 damp proof membrane

Resin DPM One-component polyurethane DPM - Rapid drying, making it ideal for projects with time constraints - Can be used in areas of high residual moisture up to 95% RH* Applications: - On cement and calcium sulphate - For use on stone-wood screed...

UZIN PE 280 Floor Primer

Bonding agent for refurbishments Dispersion primer with carbon technology for smooth and dense surfaces - ready to use rapid drying, therefore ideal for work under time pressure - rough and solid surface, ideal connection between subfloor and levelling ...

Pedestals - Floor Levelling Systems

Eurodek Raised Access Floor Solutions, A Product of SIG Interiors
Pedestals, sometimes referred to as ‘up-stands’ or ‘legs’, are an integral part of any raised access floor system. The Eurodek® Raised Access Floor system incorporates a wide selection of different grade pedestals, available in a variety of heights fr...

UZIN PE 360 Floor Primer

Dispersion primer for absorbent substrates, screeds and concrete floors - short drying times, time-saving - ready to use, avoids mixing errors - increases bond-strength and reliability Applications: - for mineral levelling compounds - on new subfloor...

Level-X Primer

Woodpecker Flooring
A highly advanced floor primer designed to stabilise and prepare substrates for the application of adhesives and levelling compounds. We recommend using Level X Primer in conjunction with the Level X Self-levelling Compound for a strong and reliable result. ...
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Did you know that the Thickness for products within the Floor Levelling Systems category, can range from 1.6666666666667 mm to 2000 mm and the average is 199 mm?

Hush Cradles Timber Batten Support

Hush Acoustics
Hush batten Cradles have been designed as a timber batten support with an infinitely adjustable thread, allowing for precise levelling across uneven sub-floors, when upgrading/adding acoustic performance to separating floors. Used within both new build and ref...

Levelling - Floor Levelling Systems

Fermacell offers a range of high-performance wet and dry floor levelling solutions. Our range of levelling products include: - fermacell 2E11 flooring, 20mm dry screed overlay, handy size -1500 x 500mm - fermacell Self Levelling Compound for levelling from...

Gyvlon Flowing Screed

Gyvlon Environmental Screed Solutions
Gyvlon Flowing Screed is a blend of Gyvlon Binder, special additives and selected aggregates mixed with clean potable water to produce a pumpable self smoothing, flowing screed (manufactured to BSEN 13813:2002)....

UZIN NC 150 smoothing compound

Economical surface preparation Cement based smoothing compound for thickness up to 10 mm - Economical and efficient for standard levelling work Applications: - For standard preparation work prior to floor covering installation - On new substrates, e...

Gyvlon XTR Flowing Screed

Gyvlon Environmental Screed Solutions
Gyvlon XTR Flowing Screed is a blend of Gyvlon Binder, special additives and selected aggregates mixed with clean potable water to produce a pumpable self smoothing, flowing screed (manufactured to BSEN 13813:2002)....

UZIN NC 888 S Floor Feather Coat

Rapid drying feather coat for floors - very fine, smooth and extremely rapid setting repair mortar for use over old adhesive residues without primer and for smoothing out to a feather-edge Applications for/on: - new or old cement levelling compounds - ...

UZIN L3 Gold Rapid Drying Smoothing Compound

Smoothing compound for use on all types of cementious substrates For use on most sound, waterproof and well bonded adhesive residues Rapid drying, floor coverings can be installed after 2 hours Applications: suitable for use in sensitive environments th...

UZIN NC 163 Smoothing Compound

Smoothing compound which can be used without priming! Renovation smoothing compound for use over old waterproof adhesive residues as well as cementitious substrates - Can be used without a primer in most cases* - For use on most sound and well bonded, w...

FM 30 Industrial Top

Cement based industrial top for thicknesses from 3 - 30 mm Very good smoothing and embedding of thin-film hot water underfloor heating as well as for electric underfloor heating Rapid drying, short waiting times Low-stress, also in higher layer thicknesses...

DPH Pedestal System

Buzon UK
Screwjack pedestal system for support of external raised paving, decking or internal raised floors. Enables drainage without visible grilles. Allows access throughout to concealed services. Load (maximum each pedestal): 1000 kg. Specific recommended maxim...
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Did you know that the most common Colour(s) for products within the Floor Levelling Systems category are grey , Off-white Fluid Mortar and White?'

Sopro HF-S 563 High-Strength Floor Levelling Compound

Smet Building Products Ltd
Sopro HF-S 563 high-strength floor levelling compound is a heavy duty, pumpable, rapid-set, cementitious floor levelling compound for creation of smooth, unbroken surfaces in residential, commercial and industrial facilities. Low-chromate to Regulation 1907/20...