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Tactile Guidance System Top Clean TREND®

MMA Architectural Systems Ltd
In Public Buildings in particular, visual guidance and orientation systems in entrance areas are essential. For visually impaired persons, however, additional tactile systems are necessary for orientation. Geggus have developed a safety concept using floor ind...

Safe Clean Trend: A Luminescent Safety Mat Combination with Tactile Guidance System

MMA Architectural Systems Ltd
We developed the Safe Clean Trend safety mat to complement integrated safety systems in public buildings. Thanks to white safety strips that sharply contrast to the remaining components, this entrance matting system is also particularly visible, for visually i...

Modular Wet-Floor System

CCL Specialist Supplies Ltd
The Modular Wet-Floor system is a unique concept in wetroom technology that can be used in a number of configurations to create a wetroom on a timber floor.The system is versatile and cost effective and can be installed with the linear drain in either the cent...

Ceramic Granite Tactile Flooring

Tactile flooring, sometimes referred to as Òfoot BrailleÓ, has been used for many years across the world to alert the visually impaired to the presence of indoor and outdoor hazards such as staircases, ramps, platform edges and pedestrian crossings. Specific...

TT1/400 - Tactile Indicator Floor Finishes

Materials Nickel Bronze, Gunmetal or Aluminium. Dimensions 400mm x 400mm Applications These tactile tiles/corduroy tiles are purpose-made in 400mm x 400mm sections to suit the required stair width and in sets of two strips to give the required 800mm of cover...

TP1/200 - Tactile Indicator Floor Finishes

Materials Nickel Bronze, Gunmetal or Aluminium. Dimensions 200 x 9 x 200 Applications These tactile plates/corduroy tiles are purpose-made in one or more pieces to suit the required stair width and as sets of four strips to give the required 800mm of cover. ...

Tactile Paving

Forest Pennant
Tactile paving is a system of textured, ground surface indicators found in many pubic areas, to assist pedestrians who are blind or visually impaired. Tactile warnings provide a distinctive surface pattern, such as bumps or ridges, which are used to alert peop...

GRP Anti Slip Tactile Paving

FibreGrid Ltd
TactileGrip flooring warns the visually impaired when they are approaching a change in elevation such as railway platforms, pedestrian crossings, staircase ascent and descent areas and many other applications....


Materials Cast Iron Dimensions 610 x 450 x 10 Applications For refurbishment or new work on Railway Station Platforms. Categories Underground Rail, Tactile and Anti Slip, Tactile / Hazard Warning, Platform Edge...