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Other popular types of Floor Finishes include; Timber Floor Finishes, Floor Tiles and Carpets.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Flooring Surface Treatments include; Finish(es), Colour and Shelf Life.

Reecote EC020 - Bund Lining Paint

Epoxy Resin Suppliers
Reecote EC02000 improves safety in chemical spillage areas. It is two pack, thick epoxy resin paint which is highly chemical resistant. It is suitable for where a hard wearing, solvent free paint is required which has excellent resistance to a wide range of ch...

PUR Grip 100

Remmers (UK) Ltd
Solvent free, flexible, three component, fast cure anti-skid system. ...


Remmers (UK) Ltd
Stone strengthener on a silicic acid ester (SAE) base. Solvent-based. Active ingredient content: 75% (by mass). Gel deposit rate: approx. 30%. Clear, non-yellowing, good penetration, high penetration depth, single component. Does not have a hydrophobizing effe...

Maripur 7200

Maris Polymers
The MARIPUR¨ 7200 is a colored, one component, highly durable, aliphatic polyurethane thin-layer floor coating. The MARIPUR¨ 7200 is specially designed for use as a floor coating in external surfaces, providing high mechanical strength, high abrasion and chem...


Solvent-based, 1-component wood floor lacquer based on oil / synthetic resin for heavy wear wood flooring; good resistance to strong chemicals and mechanical wear. The use of solvent-based products for sealing wood surfaces is becoming more and more restricted...

Lapidolith - Concrete Hardener - Dustproofer

A clear liquid chemical case hardener, Lapidolith dustproofs and improves the wear and protection of concrete and terrazzo floors in areas such as commercial warehousing and retail outlets. The product seals in depth into the matrix of the substrate providing ...


Water-based 2-component wood floor lacquer for sports-floors with a slip-resistance factor in accordance with DIN 18 032 and with high flexibility; for sealing parquet and wood flooring that are subject to constant dimensional change. Especially suitable for ...


Blanchon UK Ltd
A primer designed to be used in conjunction with Blanchon Wood Floor Lacquers. Blanchon Prim’Sealer is an odourless primer for wood floors, designed to be used in conjunction with Blanchon Belmont®, Intensiv™, Sport™ and Initial® Wood Floor Lacquers. Its...

Epoxy UV 100

Remmers (UK) Ltd
Nonylphenol-free, solvent-free, transparent epoxy resin with little tendency to yellow and a wide application spectrum. ...

Epoxy CR 100

Remmers (UK) Ltd
Highly chemical resistant, transparent epoxy resin ...
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Did you know that the most common Application for products within the Flooring Surface Treatments category are Brushed , Roller and Trowel?'

Epoxy ESC 100

Remmers (UK) Ltd
Transparent epoxy resin for epoxy resin screeds ...

Epoxy AS Color

Remmers (UK) Ltd
Conductive, pigmented, epoxy resin coating ...

Screedmaster One Coat Membrane

A solvent free two part epoxy surface membrane. Screedmaster One Coat Membrane protects adhesives, floor coverings and smoothing compounds from residual moisture in power floated concrete slab or sand/cement screed. A one coat application is suitable up to 97%...


John L Lord & Son
Uragard SLR is a specially formulated solvent-free, high build polyurethane resin flooring coating system with unique qualities. Uragard SLR provides excellent adhesion characteristics, very high levels of abrasion resistance, excellent all round chemical resi...

Flexijoint - Movement Joint Sealant

An epoxy joint system to fill and improve the wear and tear on arris edges. Allowing for normal movement in the concrete slab, the flexible nature of the system is suitable for crack induced/sawn joints and pre-formed expansion joints. ...


Fila Surface Care Products Limited (UK)
Colour-reviving protector. Protects and revives the original colour of polished, untreated and tumbled natural stone. Penetrates deep down into the material and reduces dirt absorption. ...

Marldon Epoxy Primer MXS 160

Marldon MAXS160 2K Epoxy Primer 7.5kg ...


Water-based care-emulsion for initial and maintenance care; due to its dirt-repellent protective film, improves the lacquer-coat and the surface appearance whilst extending the wear-life of the flooring. Especially suitable for the surface treatment of: - se...

Screedmaster One Coat DPM Accelerator

A single component solvent free liquid additive to be used with Screedmaster One Coat Membrane when an even faster cure rate is required....

PUR UV 100

Remmers (UK) Ltd
Transparent and solvent free two component aliphatic polyurethane binder. ...
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Did you know that the most common Typical Building Sector for products within the Flooring Surface Treatments category are Industrial , Commercial and Education?'


John L Lord & Son
Uragard SC is a two pack, water-based sealer coat based on Polyurethane resin. It is a high performance system designed for use on Uragard screeds to give a highly aesthetic finish with a greater ease of cleaning....