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Other popular types of Floor Finishes include; Timber Floor Finishes, Floor Tiles and Carpets.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Flooring Surface Treatments include; Finish(es), Colour and Shelf Life.

Floorplate - Industrial Shake on Flooring

Used as a dry surface dressing for new build construction, Floorplate topping is power-floated into freshly laid concrete to create a monolithic, heavy duty industrial floor surface. ...

Flowdur TF - Polyurethane Floor Coating

Epoxy Resin Suppliers
Flowdur TF is a 3 pack, resin floor coating with a matt finish. It is based upon polyurethane technology which provides excellent resistances to abrasion, chemical attack and other physical aggression. It is a versitile product can also be used as a surfac...

Epoxy Flex PH

Remmers (UK) Ltd
Solvent-free, 2-component, pigmented, self-levelling coating on an epoxy resin base. Coating with static crack-bridging properties for mechanically loaded surfaces submitted to foot and vehicle traffic. ...


Solvent-free oil-wax combination with natural oil and waxes, cross-linking and drying by oxidisation after addition of hardener component B.This ergonomical working method achieves a faster application time and reduces work time by one operation. Combination...

Slabmat Anti-Fatigue Mat

NBB Outdoor Shelters
Protects floors and heavy equipment from damage Thick platform can withstand heavy weights Made of tough rubber compounds that make the mat virtually indestructible Nonslip textured top surfaces ensures sure footing and freedom of movement Please Note:...

Acrylicon Variant System

Acrylicon UK Distribution Ltd
The thickness of the floor may vary from 1mm to 3mm depending on the level of impact resistance required by the customer. The Variant System has a compressive strength of 98N/mm (14,200 psi) and is extremely easy to clean even with heavy traffic. The slip resi...

Enamelcoat - High Build Epoxy Resin Coating

Easy to clean and maintain, Enamelcoat high build solvent-free coating can be used in virtually any industry for floors and walls. With excellent chemical resistant properties, this system is also often used for protecting bunded areas....

Epoxy Quick 100

Remmers (UK) Ltd
Fast-reacting, nonylphenol-free, solvent-free, transparent epoxy resin with a wide application spectrum. Faster version of Epoxy RP 100 (shorter pot-life and curing time). ...

Epoxy BS 3000 M New

Remmers (UK) Ltd
High quality, silk matt, water emulsifiable, pigmented epoxy resin with little tendency to yellow and a wide application spectrum. ...

Epoxy BS 3000 SG New

Remmers (UK) Ltd
High quality, silk gloss, water emulsifiable, pigmented epoxy resin with little tendency to yellow and a wide application spectrum. ...
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Did you know that the most common Fixing Method for products within the Flooring Surface Treatments category are Bona roller , Bona Oil Squeegee and Pad?'

ALLKITT - Flooring Surface Treatments

Alcohol-based joint filler with good low slump properties, preventing shrinkage and the penetration of moisture into the joint. Especially suitable for joint filling of: - sanded wood flooring including parquet and engineered - suitable for flooring with u...


A unique 2 component oil offering exceptional durability that enables you to create the exact colour you require with the look and feel of natural wood. Available to be overcoated with Marldon Ceramaxx to provide commercial grade finish and ease of maintenance...

Le Sport - Flooring Surface Treatments

DRF Rubber Flooring
Removable heavy duty tile, with anti-slip textured finish. Ideal for weight areas in gyms, sports halls and sports clubs. Available in any colour and guaranteed for 10 years....

Epoxy WHG Color

Remmers (UK) Ltd
Chemical resistant finishing layer for the SL Floor WHG System (National Technical Approval Z-59.12-302 DIBt) ...

Terrazzo Commercial rubber flooring

DRF Rubber Flooring
Terrazzo is originally the marble used in Venetian palaces.It has become a classic design for floor coverings. DRF have taken this fine pattern and transformed it into a commercial rubber flooring range DRF rubber allows you to create your own Terrazzo by pla...

Epoxy FAS 100

Remmers (UK) Ltd
Special primer on a nonylphenol-­free, solvent-free, transparent, 2-component epoxy resin base. ...

Epoxy BS 2000 New

Remmers (UK) Ltd
Pigmented primer on a water emulsifiable epoxy resin base with a wide application spectrum. ...

Professional Floor Polish

Blanchon UK Ltd
The finest waxes have been used to produce Blanchon Professionnal Wood Floor Polish. Its high solid content gives a beautiful finish to all panelling and furniture. It is especially suitable for wood floors thanks to its high content of hard waxes....

Epoxy BS 2000 Transparent New

Remmers (UK) Ltd
Versatile, water emulsifiable, transparent, 2-component epoxy resin with a wide application spectrum. ...

Epoxy PH Color

Remmers (UK) Ltd
Pigmented epoxy resin coating with a wide range of use. ...
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Did you know that the most common Material for products within the Flooring Surface Treatments category are Polyurethane , PVC and Resin?'

Lithofin KF Tile Polish

The ideal finish for unglazed ceramic tiles, quarry tiles that have been pre-treated with Lithofin KF Stain-Stop. The glossy film freshens up the colours and makes care easier, especially for tiles with rough finishes. Occasional touch-ups can be done by addin...