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Hi-Flow Base

Tarmac Building Products
Tarmac s Hi-Flow Base is a free flowing, self-smoothing, protein free industrial flooring underlayment system which is obtained by mixing water with a carefully selected pre-blended formulation of high quality raw materials. Hi-Flow Base has been designed...

M-Tred Top

Solvent free epoxy resin coating. Normal specification two coats. A primer coat of M-Tred WB Clear is normally recommended. An anti-slip finish can be achieved with the incorporation of anti-slip aggregates. Usage - Environments subject to heavy duty usage an...


MARLDON CERAMAXX PROFESSIONAL FLOOR LACQUER is an exceptionally durable two-component waterborne lacquer based on an advanced ceramic formulation. The ceramic in the lacquer provides superior resistance to wear, scuff marks, chemicals and scratches. The tiny ...

Aquasol - Water Based Epoxy Resin Coating

A water based epoxy coating for walls and floors such as plant rooms and food preparation areas. Low odour and taint free, WRAS approved for use with potable water and with a Class 1 Fire Rating, Aquasol is easy to apply, offering a tough, decorative, wipe cle...

Reecote EC014 - Solvent Based Epoxy Coating

Epoxy Resin Suppliers
Reecote EC014 is based on a blend of epoxy resins, curing agents, mineral fillers and solvent. Reecote EC014 is supplied in pre-weighed containers to ensure correct on-site mixing. It is available in a wide range of colours. It provides an attractive,dust free...

Florex Floor System

Tor Coatings
The Florex Floor Systems are a range of solvent free, high build, medium/heavy-duty epoxy resin systems that provide long life seamless finishes with excellent oil, chemical and wear resistance. Features Extremely durable and long-lasting Excellent chemic...

Arturo AC7450 floor compound

Arturo AC7450 Acrylic Pebble Floor Compound is a 1-component, water-and acrylic dispersion-based filler for decorative pebble floors. Usage: Arturo AC7450 Acrylic Pebble Floor Compound is intended for sealing epoxy-bonded decorative pebble floors. Arturo AC...

Levelay HDT - Heavy Duty Textured Floor Topping

Levelay HDT is a flow applied, hardwearing epoxy resin screed usually laid at a thickness of 4mm. The textured finish offers additional slip resistant properties, ideal for both pedestrian and vehicle traffic in a wide range of industrial and commercial enviro...

Isocrete 1500

Flowcrete UK
Isocrete 1500 is a fast drying, hand or pump applied cementitious underlayment, for easy levelling of concrete floors before the installation of floor coverings, e.g. vinyl, carpets, ceramic tiles, wood block, linoleum or cork....

ALLBASE - Flooring Surface Treatments

1-component, roller-applied, alcohol-based primer suitable for use with all wood floor lacquers. Pallmann Allbase provides a barrier on wood containing oils, resins and pigments and in the renovation of oiled or waxed flooring and exotic timbers. The use of al...

Levelay HD - Self Smoothing Epoxy Flooring System

Laid at 2mm - 6mm, this self-smoothing epoxy screed is totally impervious. Levelay has been used for applications ranging from food and pharmaceutical sites, nuclear plants, museums to leisure centres. With anti-static, textured and designer colour ranges avai...


Osmo UK Ltd
Osmo Polyx®-Oils are developed from natural oils and waxes to provide the most hardwearing and durable protection for wooden flooring and furniture. All the renowned properties of the original Polyx®-Oil, tinted for individual creativity. Polyx®-Oil Tints ...


Osmo UK Ltd
Unique preservative wood primer especially developed for wood's prone to moisture and susceptible to blue stain in wet rooms such as bathrooms. Suitable for any wood in the interior including kitchen work surfaces, flooring, window frames and joinery. Also sui...

Calcined Bauxite

Boud Minerals
Bauxite is a natural, very hard mineral used predominantly in road systems for its high-friction and anti-skid properties. The majority of public sector systems will specify that Calcined Bauxite be used in their road and pedestrian crossing installations. It...

Arturo EP3350 Sealer

Arturo EP3350 Sealer is a 2-component, solvent-free, transparent, gloss, epoxy resin-based floor finishing (175-750 µm) with high UV-stability. Usage Suitable for use as a durable, seamless finish on various strewn floors. Arturo EP3350 Floor Coating is onl...

POLISH - Flooring Surface Treatments

Solvent-based care emulsion, especially for wood flooring, that applies a film to permanently protect the lacquer and, therefore, to reduce foot- and heel- marks. Polish extends the wear-life of the lacquer. Especially suitable for the surface treatment of:...


Fila Surface Care Products Limited (UK)
Restoring small marble, travertine or polished limestone surfaces, that have been attacked by acidic substances or weather conditions. Ideal for restoring bathroom or kitchen worktops, tables, steps, doorsteps, window sills. It also eliminates dullness due to ...

Mariseal 250 FLASH

Maris Polymers
The MARISEAL¨ 250 FLASH is a premium, semi-thixotropic, liquid-applied, highly permanent elastic, cold applied and cold curing, one component polyurethane membrane used for long-lasting waterproofing. Solvent based. The MARISEAL¨ 250 FLASH is based on pure ...

Line Paint - High Visibility Epoxy Line Marking

To complement the Conren range of coatings and screeds, this high visibility epoxy line paint is used for defining pedestrian walkways, forklift aisles and hazard areas, highlighting safety in the workplace. ...

Colored Oil, DarkCoco

Dinesen Floors
The colour becomes more intense with each additional coat of oil. The oil leaves a strong surface that is easy to clean with Dinesen Floor Soap for wooden floors with an oil or lacquer finish. Colored Oil protects the wood from dirt and spills. It is therefore...

FS Screed - Heavy Duty Epoxy Floor Screed

Far stronger than concrete, FS Screed has been developed to take heavy wear in industrial and civil engineering environments. For reinstatements and repairs, this system outperforms conventional screeds. ...