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Other popular types of Floor Finishes include; Timber Floor Finishes, Floor Tiles and Carpets.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Flooring Surface Treatments include; Finish(es), Colour and Shelf Life.

PUR ST 100

Remmers (UK) Ltd
Transparent, solvent free two component economic polyurethane binder. ...

Maripox 2510

Maris Polymers
MARIPOX¨ 2510 is a transparent, rigid, two component epoxy solvent-free primer / coating mainly used as a primer in floor coating applications. Cures by reaction (cross linking) of the two components....


John L Lord & Son
Uragard MB12 is a single pack, high solids polyurethane resin flooring sealer coating especially designed for use with other John Lord resin flooring to provide a hard-wearing, durable and scratch resistant resin coating....


Fila Surface Care Products Limited (UK)
Professional product which restores sheen to worn surfaces. Ideal for crystallizing natural polished limestone (marble, travertine) and polished agglomerates....


Water-based 1-component parquet lacquer with excellent resistance to mechanical wear and chemicals. Especially suitable for the surface treatment of: - sanded parquet and wood flooring in heavy wear areas such as schools, offices, etc. - on underfloor hea...

PUR KB Coating

Remmers (UK) Ltd
Pigmented, solvent-based, single component sealant on a polyurethane base that can be subjected to mechanical and chemical loads. ...

Reecote EC015 - Water Based Epoxy Coating

Epoxy Resin Suppliers
Reecote EC015 AS is a two pack, water based, epoxy floor and wall paint with a matt finish. It is suitable for use where an economical painted surface is required....

PUR Indu Color D60

Remmers (UK) Ltd
Flexible, solvent free, two component coating on a polyurethane base ...

Epoxy OS Color New

Remmers (UK) Ltd
Pigmented coating ...

Epoxy Universal

Remmers (UK) Ltd
Chemical resistant, crack-bridging, solvent based epoxy resin coating ...
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Did you know that the Pack Weight for products within the Flooring Surface Treatments category, can range from 5 kg to 15 kg and the average is 8 kg?

Induline DW 690

Remmers (UK) Ltd
Water-based finish for intermediate and finishing coats, one-layer system ...


Fila Surface Care Products Limited (UK)
Seals and protects porous materials such as rough-finish natural stone, terracotta and cement from oily dirt. Drastically reduces absorption without affecting the material's natural look. Suitable for interior and exterior surfaces. For use on interior floors ...


Fila Surface Care Products Limited (UK)
Protects terracotta, quarry tiles, porcelain tiles, cement and natural stone from water and damp. Penetrates into materials strengthening the surface. Removes any water seepage problem. Prevents water seepage, and formation of mould and efflorescence and conse...


Remmers (UK) Ltd
Solvent-free, amine accelerator for Epoxy PH Color and Epoxy ST 100. ...

DD 2000 A-B

Solvent-based, 2-component PU wood floor lacquer for areas exposed to very heavy mechanical wear and chemicals. The use of solvent-based products for sealing wood surfaces is becoming more and more restricted in accordance with TRGS 617. For this reason, we re...


Fila Surface Care Products Limited (UK)
Efflorescence blocking sealant to be applied on the back of tiles and absorbent paving slabs. The product stops contaminants rising up from the substrate to the material surface (salts, tannin, oxides etc. ), preventing the formation of streaks and/or stains. ...


Fila Surface Care Products Limited (UK)
Protects floors subjected to high traffic. Ideal for protecting unpolished natural stone, granite and terracotta floors. Excellent also for maintaining quartz concrete floors treated with FILABETON. Generates a high-gloss and ultra-protective polymer surface f...


John L Lord & Son
Uragard HDR is a fast application, rake and trowel applied development of the well proven Uragard HT range of polyurethane flooring systems....

Graffiti Remover

Remmers (UK) Ltd
1 component solvent based biodegradable cleaner. ...


John L Lord & Son
Epigard Fastrac is an epoxy based resin primer system specifically designed for use over concrete substrates which are too wet or insufficiently cured to allow the use of standard primers. When cured, the Epigard Fastrac concrete coating primer is suitable for...
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Did you know that the Bond Strength for products within the Flooring Surface Treatments category, can range from 2 N/mm2 to 2 N/mm2 and the average is 2 N/mm2?

Ardoise Italienne

DRF Rubber Flooring
Part of the Relief Classic range this slate effect finish offers an alternative to standard designs in rubber flooring; contemporary yet resilient it is guaranteed for 10 years. Available in all colours....