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Important criteria to consider when specifying Flexible Floor Tiles include; Typical Building Sector, Material and Finish(es).

SLOT S - Flexible Floor Tiles

Bathroom Engineering Ltd.
This unique showerbed is pre-formed with shallow gradients leading to concealed channels on adjoining sides. Slim ‘slot’ outlets built into the bed provide an ultra discrete gap between floor & wall. Waste water disappears into channels hidden below the ti...

Mid Grey - Flexible Floor Tiles

Ashfield Stone
This Mid Grey Granite with its muted tones, is perfect for all modern and contemporary schemes and is a favourite with architects seeking a minimalistic result....

Portland Blue Honed

Artorius Faber
A very hard wearing limestone from Dorset. Overall blue tones with occasional fawn markings, this is not a totally plain floor and will appear different under different lighting....

Ranon - Flexible Floor Tiles

Ashfield Stone
This limestone has a very rich, warm colour, and is very similar to indigenous UK limestones. It is exceptionally hard which makes it perfectly suited to high traffic areas....

Noir St Laurent

Ashfield Stone
A French marble with a brown to black background beautifully emphasised by the characteristic white veining....