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Other popular types of Floor Finishes include; Timber Floor Finishes, Floor Tiles and Carpets.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Anti-slip Floor Treatments include; Finish(es), Colour and Thickness.

Anti Slip Floor Panels, Anti Slip Floor Sheets

Dura Composites Ltd
Dura Tread anti slip Floor panels have been designed to be installed over new or existing structural members of steel, timber, concrete or aluminium based floors, providing a quick and economical, safe solution to slippery walking surfaces. Typical application...

Tripave® slip resistant surfacing

A high performance, slip resistant, impermeable, waterproof surface combining resin bound and resin bonded paving techniques. Resin surface: A highly durable rapid cure surfacing system based on advanced methyl methacrylate (MMA) resin technology, Tripave® i...

GripDeck Anti Slip Panels

Non-Slip Walkway Panels for Railways, Marinas, Bridges & Ramps GripDeck® anti-slip walkway panels are used extensively across the UK and Europe by the rail industry and local authorities, providing slip-resistant walkway solutions for bridges, marinas, rai...

Stadia Strip Heavy Duty Anti Slip Strips 

Heavy Duty Decking Strips StadiaStrip is a heavy duty anti-slip, insert designed to add a robust anti-slip surface to timber or concrete. Available in two standard widths; 12mm or 23mm, standard length 1.2 metres. StadiaStrip requires a channel to be forme...

7100NS Anti-Slip Coating

Rust-Oleum UK
An easy to apply solvent based Alkyd anti-slip floor coating specially designed for applying on old (>2 years), dry concrete for interior and exterior use. Single pack, solvent based anti-slip coating For foot traffic, interior and exterior Anti-slip additi...

Commercial Flooring

Shackerley has over 50 years' experience in the specification and supply of high performance ceramic flooring for challenging, heavily trafficked commercial and public sector environments.? Over the years we have played a major role in improving the core stand...

Antislip PUW - Single component water based PU antislip coating

DCP International
Advantages Antislip PUW provides: - Superb slip resistance achieving well in excess of floor safety standards. - Excellent scratch resistance. - Excellent stain resistance. - Easy to apply. - Coverage 8 m² per litre. - No aggregate or grit. -...

SuperGrip Anti-Slip Spray

Rust-Oleum UK
This topcoat makes every surface non-skid in a second. Spray coating with non-skid particles Ideal for steps, grips and handles, hand tools, etc. Adheres to metal, wood, concrete, tile, parquet For interior use and to a certain extent exterior To handle after...

Treadsafe - Anti-slip Floor Treatments

Rust-Oleum UK
A hard-wearing, epoxy resin anti-slip coating for concrete, stone, metal and wood. Coarse anti-slip surface. Tough, long lasting finish. Easy to apply. Solvent-free and virtually odour-free. One coat finish. Interior and exterior. Treadsafe is a hard-weari...

'Suregrip' Antislip Floor Paint

Coo-Var Ltd
Suregrip Floor Paint is a ready-mixed aggregated floor paint which provides a rough anti-slip finish to the floor when dry. Ideal for use around car garage pits, machinery, wheelchair ramps, boat decks and many other areas that may become slippery when wet. in...
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Did you know that the most common Colour(s) for products within the Anti-slip Floor Treatments category are black , grey and other?'

Degafloor® S System: Seal System

National Flooring Co Ltd
A decorative seal system used to create a chemical and scratch resistant dust seal for new and existing concrete floors. A slip resistant finish can be achieved through the broadcasting of aggregates. There are 19 standard colours within our current range al...

Watco Safety Coat Cold Cure 2.5L

Watco UK Ltd
Takes freezing conditions in its stride. The ideal flooring solution for when temperatures are extreme....

SlipGrip Heavy Duty Flat Sheet Flooring

FibreGrid Ltd
With the same long-lasting grit as SlipGrip Heavy Duty Stair Treads, SlipGrip Heavy Duty Flat Sheet keeps people on their feet on flat surfaces, such as walkways, ramps, gangways, factory floors and other places where slipping is a possibility....

Anti-Slip Stainless Steel Tread with Nosings

High-performance solution to slips, trips and falls for industry and public access. TreadSafe® stainless steel treads are ideal for use on stairs and can be fixed over chequer plate, metal grills, concrete and wood. Manufactured from a 1.5mm stainless steel ...

SlipGrip Sprint Flexible Flat Sheet Flooring

FibreGrid Ltd
SlipGrip Sprint has the same dimensions and specification as its big brother, regular SlipGrip Heavy Duty Flat Sheet, but is only 1mm thick, rather than 4mm. This means it is ideal for low trafficked areas or where less flexible sheets aren’t suitable, such ...

EpoxyShield 5300 MAXX

Rust-Oleum UK
A user friendly and easy to apply water-based 2 component epoxy floor coating with an ultimate adhesion and durability. Maximum durability in just 1 coat. For medium to heavy traffic. Easy to apply, no primer required. Long-lasting gloss finish. Best possible...

Watco Safety Grip 5m2

Watco UK Ltd
Heavy duty anti slip epoxy resin floor paint for dangerous areas designed to provide excellent slip resistance and minimise the risk of accidents. The coarse anti slip finish withstands constant foot and wheeled traffic....


Rust-Oleum UK
A traction-enhancing epoxy resin coating for application to smooth and potentially slippery floors. Easily applied by roller to concrete and stone Chemical and wear resistant Non-flammable Solvent-free and virtually odour-free Safe-T-Epoxy is a roller ap...

NS200 - NS300 anti-slip granulates

Rust-Oleum UK
NS200 / NS300 anti-slip granulates, made of thermally split flint stones, turn a standard floor coating into a durable anti-slip coating. Thermally split flint stone granules provide a durable anti-slip finish Choice between small granules (NS200) or slightl...

Anti-Slip Landing Covers

Rust-Oleum UK
Highly versatile, heavy duty preformed landing cover. Provides a corrosion-resistant surface for damaged or worn areas. Ready to fix Anti-Slip panels. Outlives all other Anti-Slip applications. Easy to fix with glue and screws. ...
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Did you know that the most common Finish(es) for products within the Anti-slip Floor Treatments category are coated , oil and other?'

Decking Strips

Rust-Oleum UK
The quick and easy solution for dealing with slip issues associated with standard timber decking. Extremely durable anti slip surface. Easy to install. Waterproof and Rot proof. Pre-drilled for screw fixing (screws included). Choice of 3 widths and 2 lengths....