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Important criteria to consider when specifying Speed Bumps include; Length, Width and Width.

Speed ramp made of recycled rubber

Kaiser + Kraft Ltd
Made of recycled rubber. Highly effective warning due reflective warning stripes and reflectors. UV resistant and temperature resistant from –40 °C to +80 °C. Oil and acid resistant....

D75 Speed Ramp

Ultimation Direct Ltd
The D75 speed ramps effectively enforce speed reduction measures at vehicle access points. Easily visible one way arrow indication. They are manufactured from recycled PVC, and are durable and maintenance free. Ramps may be used independently or fitted before ...

TOPSTOP Speed Reduction Ramps

Moravia (UK) Ltd
TOPSTOP Speed Reduction Ramps are a proven system of speed reduction in sensitive areas. Effective speed reduction. Easily installed. Two speed reduction systems – TOPSTOP-5 & TOPSTOP 10. Contrasting colours and reflectors for visibility day & night. Tough,...

TOPSTOP-ECO Speed Reduction Ramps

Moravia (UK) Ltd
TOPSTOP-ECO Speed Reduction Ramps are the cost effective method of installing speed reduction ramps. They are supplied in three versions to reduce traffic speeds to 5mph, 10mph and 15mph respectively. Easily and quickly installed. Recycled materials. Contrast...

Safety Rider® Speed Reduction Hump

Moravia (UK) Ltd
Due to the enhanced dimensions of the Safety Rider® Speed Reduction Hump a more comfortable crossing is achieved without sacrificing the speed reduction benefits. This is achieved with a wider drive over section that reduces the ramp angle when compared to co...

Speed ramp

Kaiser + Kraft Ltd
For improved safety on the company premises. Excellent psychological effect both day and night due to warning colours in yellow and black and inset reflectors. Recommended speed 10 km/h for particularly dangerous areas. Effectively reduce speeds without damag...

Easy Rider® Speed Reduction Ramps

Moravia (UK) Ltd
The TRAFFIC-LINE Easy Rider Speed Reduction Ramp is an effective and easily installed method of reducing traffic speed to approx. 10mph. Available in two heights to suit most applications. Quick and easy installation. Moulded from recycled rubber. Black with ...

Speed ramp made of rubber

Kaiser + Kraft Ltd
Made of rubber. Resistant to UV light, water, oil and extreme temperature fluctuations. Non-slip, textured surface....

Speed ramp set

Kaiser + Kraft Ltd
Made of recycled rubber. High visibility provided by yellow/black colour scheme. Highly effective warning due to inset reflectors. Non-slip, textured surface. For temporary or permanent traffic speed control. Speed limit 25 km/h. Mounting material incl....

TOPSTOP Traffic Calming

Moravia (UK) Ltd
TOPSTOP Traffic Calming is an extension of our Speed Ramp range which consists of two TOPSTOP 5-RE end caps joined end to end to form a circle. Ideal for effective speed reduction, traffic guidance, separation of traffic and non-traffic areas etc. Recycled ma...
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Did you know that the Length for products within the Speed Bumps category, can range from 50 mm to 3000 mm and the average is 1850 mm?

SS Instant Speed Ramp (with cable channelling)

Speed ramps are a highly effective means of controlling traffic speeds, the modular system is formed from black and bright yellow segments made from heavy duty recycled PVC or Rubber. Each segment includes white reflectors which provide excellent night and ...

Hose/Cable Protection Ramps

Protect cables and hoses that have to be laid across vehicular access roads etc. Ideal for temporary or semi-permanent applications. Also reduces traffic speeds. Sturdy black rubber construction with built in reflectors. Can be joined together using 'dog bone'...

Large Modular Speed Humps - 5mph Speed Hump

Focal Signs & Labels
Ideal for areas with school bus and emergency vehicle traffic Night reflective strips ensure maximum visibility day or night 3 times wider than standard speed bumps Restricts speed to 5 mph Interlocking sections allow you to create variable lengths 5 mph Speed...