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Search 10 Root Barriers from leading Landscaped Areas manufacturers including; GreenBlue Urban, Ecomerchant and DeepRoot Urban Solutions, Ltd..

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Other popular types of Landscaped Areas include; Flagpoles, Landscape Decking and External Planters.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Root Barriers include; Material, Recyclability and Features.

ReRoot - Root Barriers

GreenBlue Urban
ReRoot is a linear ribbed root barrier designed for applications where is it not necessary to deflect tree root systems too deeply. This high density root barrier is supplied in 300mm, 600mm & 1000mm rolls. The root barrier will deflect the growing roots dow...


GreenBlue Urban
Robustly root barrier constructed from recycled plastic, RootDirector comes in a number of sizes to suit different tree species and situations. Effective and easy to install, RootDirectors encourage deeper rooting patterns by diverting early root growth downwa...

Root Barrier C3 Japanese Knotweed Barrier

Hy-Tex (UK) Ltd
A triple coated linear barrier designed to protect structures and services from root damage and control the spread of invasive plants. Hy-Tex Root Barrier C3 is a special triple coated, twin reinforced, polyethylene membrane - offering the strength and dura...

ReRoot 600 - 1000

GreenBlue Urban
ReRoot 600 and ReRoot 1000 products are ribbed root barriers designed for the protection of paved surfaces, shallow service ducts and utilities. The numbers 600 and 1000 denote the depth of the product in millimetres. The versatile ReRoot 600 and ReRoot 1000 ...

RootForm - Root Barriers

GreenBlue Urban
RootForm is a root barrier management product for guiding roots to deeper profiles. The hollow sections are designed to be filled in situ with a concrete or similar structural fill material giving very high strength. Strength can be further increased by incorp...

ReRoot 300

GreenBlue Urban
The Greenleaf ReRoot 300 linear ribbed root barrier has been designed for applications where it is not necessary to deflect tree root systems too deeply. The ReRoot 300 is supplied in 300mm deep rolls. The barrier will deflect the growing roots downward suffi...

ReRoot 2000

GreenBlue Urban
ReRoot 2000 is a high strength root barrier for deeper applications. GreenBlue urban ReRoot 2000 has been used extensively on many projects around the UK, particularly in new service infrastructure projects, business parks and housing developments. ReRoot 200...

Rootguard Non Woven Geotextile 250gsm

Root control using RootGuard provides effective protection of pipes, surfaces and structures against root damage, without harming the tree or roots. RootGuard is a permeable root control fabric allowing free movement of groundwater whilst guarding against tre...


DeepRoot Urban Solutions, Ltd.
DeepRoot Tree Root Barriers are patented mechanical guides that redirect tree roots down and away from hardscapes, preventing costly root damage while preserving the health and beauty of mature trees. ...