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Other popular types of External Enclosures include; Bollards, Fencing and Railings.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Temporary Fencing include; Height, Colour(s) and Width.

Flexiscreen - Building and dust screen

Building and dust screen Flexiscreen is a temporary floor-to-ceiling screen used to contain dust during construction, flooring, installation and extension works within live manufacturing and warehouse environments. The unique v-overlap system and tight seal...

RDS - Temporary Fencing

Zaun Limited
Zaun’s Rapid Deploy fencing System, RDS is an above ground temporary fencing system that required no pinning or digging into the ground. Designed for heights of up to 3 metres, Zaun’s rapid deploy fencing system therefore leads the market for temporary hi...

RDS LITE - Temporary Fencing

Zaun Limited
RDS Lite, a temporary fence system first developed by Zaun to use at the UK Political Party Conferences, first deployed in Birmingham in 2014. This temporary fence system is a light weight counterpart of our multi-award winning temporary security fence soluti...

Temporary Hoardings for All Commercial Applications

Procter Bros Ltd
Procter Fencing Systems can quickly and efficiently supply and install both timber hoardings and steel hoardings.  By using Procter Fencing Systems for site hoarding, the contractor removes the risk of comeback on them from the client, plus we are able to sur...

Eve Shield Fence

Eve Trakway
Eve-Shield can be used as a perimeter fence, secure storage area or simply to keep prying eyes out. The product is quick and easy to install and protects sites from unwelcome visitors. With its extra height, bracing and superior strength, it is ideal for use a...

Plastic Road Fencing

Beaver 84 Ltd
Avalon Barrier 2m x 1m x - 10Kg Oxford Vim Barrier 1.25m x 4m x W 1.5m x 4m x W 16.8Kg 20Kg Reflective Board 3m Length 3.2Kg Beaver Road Safety Barriers 1m x .6m x .46m 2m x .8m x .46m 10Kg Combi Barrier Available in 4m increments 1m x 1.3m x 510mm - 10Kg Pe...

Eve Front of Stage Barrier

Eve Trakway
Front of Stage Barriers are an essential part of any production. They are ideal for pop concerts and festivals where a safe area is required at the front of the stage, plus they create a rescue zone for members of the audience in distress and a safe working a...


Zaun Limited
The MultiFence temporary security fencing system is a mobile, durable solution for sites that require temporary to long-term protection. A temporary security fencing solution that can be supplied with HiSec, HiSec Super 6 or ArmaWeave panels. PAS 68 enhanceme...

Temporary Fences in Welded Wire Mesh

Anping Vical
Welded wire temporary fences is widely used in many fields duo to it can quickly and easily be installed, without the need to disturb the surface area by digging holes or laying foundations. Our factory offers a variety of uses of temporary fences in welded wi...

Eve Super Fortress Fence

Eve Trakway
The system was developed to combat the problem of festival 'fence jumpers' and consists of flat, smooth aluminium panels, erected and secured using a captive joint system. Super Fortress fencing boasts high security dependence by utilising tamper proof interna...
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Did you know that the most common Finish(es) for products within the Temporary Fencing category are Galvanised , colours and coating?'

Eve Picket Fence

Eve Trakway
These attractive white panels are a welcome alternative to traditional wooden or metal fencing systems and are available in either 1.2 metre or 2.4 metre panels, with the option of adding in 45 degree or 90 degree corners. Made using the latest PVC-u technolo...

Eve GS7 Anti-Climb Fence

Eve Trakway
The fence panel is manufactured from open mesh welded to tubular steel frames. Legs are provided at the foot of each panel which fit securely into a conventional concrete, or thermo plastic foot. All the fence panels are galvanised and both pedestrian and veh...

JSP Titan Xpanda Expanding Barriers

Extends out to create a stable temporary safety barrier of up to 3m for the warehouse and car park environments. Ability to expand allows to the barriers to fill any space, allowing for flexibility far above fixed-length barrier systems. Lightweight construct...

Eve GT Lightweight Barrier

Eve Trakway
Available in 2.3 metre lengths with steel tube vertical infill bars, rather than mesh, these barriers are suitable for demarcation and ideal for golf courses and field events to control the flow of people and filling crowds. The barriers can be provided with f...

Eve Concord Barrier

Eve Trakway
The barrier offers a standalone, strong yet lightweight means of crowd protection that interlocks; additional safety is provided by its angled design. It is manufactured from galvanised tubular steel with Paladin anti-climb mesh infill, creating an attractive ...

Eve Heavy Duty Barrier

Eve Trakway
The Heavy Duty Barrier is ideal for use at demonstrations, football matches, pop concerts and any other event where high security is needed. It is particularly suitable for controlling the flow of people and heavy crowd surges. They can also be used in specif...

Eve Hoarding Fence

Eve Trakway
Manufactured from steel sheets welded to a galvanised frame, the Hoarding's strength and durability allows it to be used repeatedly whilst requiring minimum maintenance to retain a quality appearance. The panels can be quickly and easily erected, dismantled an...

Eve Fortress Fence

Eve Trakway
This formidable fence is an ideal solution for securing most locations and creating a safe compound. At 3 metres high, it makes any intrusion difficult and the fence also comes with integral gates at 2.5 metres and 5 metres wide. Supports are used to hold the...

JSP Titan Safety Barriers

These stackable plastic safety barriers are easy to use, assemble and store. Available in two lengths – 1.5 metre barriers are ideal for restricting pedestrian movement while 2 metre barriers allow you to construct larger barriers more quickly. Robust linki...

Eve Hi-Hoard Fence

Eve Trakway
The product was developed and manufactured to meet the demands of event organisers and promoters looking for an alternative, cost-effective solution to conventional heavy duty steel festival hoarding. Hi-Hoard is commonly used at outdoor events, including pop ...
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Did you know that the most common Colour(s) for products within the Temporary Fencing category are galvanised , green and White?'


Zaun Limited
Zaun’s SecureGuard anti vehicle barrier fencing system, a high performance advanced perimeter protection solution. Designed to immobilise vehicles trying to penetrate high security installations. Our barrier fencing system is easy to erect and install. This...