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Other popular types of External Enclosures include; Bollards, Fencing and Railings.

Mobile Razor Wire Security Barrier- Rapid deployment

Anping Konhta Razor Wire Factory
It is designed for rapid deployment of effective barriers during the police and other special operations, used in security and rescue or riot control. It is a serious obstacle to the entry of people and vehicles. Mobile razor fence security barrier is packed ...

Twisted Razor Barbed Tape

Anping Konhta Razor Wire Factory
Reinforced twisted barbed tape - this is a special profile, galvanized strip thickness of 0.55 mm, which has a double-edged profile, symmetrical spikes with cutting edges, which twists around galvanized wire diameter of 2.5 mm. Step teeth 36 mm. Steel wire wh...

Electrified concertina wire played high security protection

Anping Konhta Razor Wire Factory
Electrified concertina wire can form additional protection around your area, such as plant and warehouse. It includes a physical barrier razor wire detection and deterrence system. The electrified concertina mesh is nothing appearance distinction compared wit...

Straight Razor Wire Mesh-Frightening and Stopping Fencing

Anping Konhta Razor Wire Factory
Our factory can serve different types razor fence according to the customers request. It includes concertina wire, spiral and straight razor wire. The straight type razor mesh can be installed quickly. It can not only save expenditure but also reach the resu...

Galvanized Concertina Wire and razor barbed wire size

Anping Konhta Razor Wire Factory
We provide concertina wire, including galvanized and mild steel concertina wire. ...

Razor Wire

Citadel Industries
If you're looking to protect people, property or goods from any sort of threat, your security planning and installation should include Citadel razor wire systems, popularly referred to as barbed tape. And if you are simply seeking to improve your current secur...