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Other popular types of External Enclosures include; Bollards, Railings and Temporary External Walls.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Fencing include; Colour, Material and Length.

Twin Guard Security Mesh Fencing

Gramm Barrier Systems Limited
Gramm Barriers TwinGuard Security Mesh Fencing is an excellent rigid panel system increased protection against cut through, ideal for use in schools, commercial outlets and good alternative on industrial sites where other products are not suitable. A rigid typ...

Tri-Guard - Fencing

Jacksons Fencing
Tri-Guard® is an innovative range of security fencing and gates featuring pales with curved tops, set in clusters of three, joined by feature steel discs to create a decorative appearance with anti-climb and anti-scale performance....

EuroGuard Regular

Jacksons Fencing
EuroGuard® Regular is ideal for residential areas, commercial properties, schools or car parks. The `’V`’ shaped profile reinforcing folds increase the panel’s rigidity and strength....

Roll Top - Fencing

Genwork Ltd
A welded mesh panel fence that has a rolled top and bottom edge for enhanced safety and rigidity. Benefits * Suitable where safety is a consideration * Aesthetic appearance * High rigidity * Excellent through vision * Wide range of colour options * Available a...

Sports Mesh Fencing

Steelcraft Ltd
Why choose sports mesh? Designed to resist repeated ball impact Posts come with a full-length clamping strip to give predictable ball bounce & minimal rattle Versatile design with many options Tamper resistant fixings Matching swing gates Popular uses for sp...

Fast Guard Expanded Metal Security Mesh Fencing

Gramm Barrier Systems Limited
Gramm Barriers FASTGUARD Security Mesh Fencing system provides excellent protection against climbing and cut-through and also a robust demarcation to deter against unwanted intrusion and vandalism....

Codi C - Fencing

Citadel Industries
The CodiŒ ´C fencing system is designed and developed to meet applications where moderate levels of security are required. A cost effective and visually appealing solution, incorporating lateral pressed beams, further enhancing the rigidity of the panel. I...

V Guard Security Mesh Fencing

Gramm Barrier Systems Limited
Gramm Barriers most cost-effective security mesh fencing product available, ideal for basic demarcation applications. A rigid panel system with integrated profiled-beams, supplied complete with all the necessary components. Gramm Barriers VGUARD Security Mesh ...

Lochrin FlatGUARD

W M Bain Fencing Ltd
It is designed to be a strong yet resilient fencing system, it is also capable of blending into its environment and enhancing the surroundings, it is this key feature which proves popular with architects and specifiers alike. With a heavier gauge of wire than ...

EuroGuard® Flatform Heavy SR1

Jacksons Fencing
EuroGuard® Flatform Heavy SR1 | Security Rated Welded Mesh Panel LPS 1175 double horizontal wire welded mesh Security Rated fencing panel EuroGuard® Flatform SR1 system features a flat profile with heavy gauge double horizontal wire for added strength and r...
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Did you know that the most common Certifications for products within the Fencing category are LPCB , FSC and BRE?'

Sports Bronze Mesh Fencing

Gramm Barrier Systems Limited
Gramms SPORTS Bronze mesh fencing has been designed to provide a cost effective solution for most general sporting applications, excellent for use in schools, urban sports grounds, health clubs & ball containment areas....

Atlas 3-5-8

Citadel Industries
ATLASΠwelded mesh is the ideal delaying element against any attempt at intrusion. This system, commonly referred to as 'Prison Mesh' or 358, is ideal for high security fencing applications. The Citadel ATLAS 358 flat panel (no crimp) is the best anti-climb f...

Europa Plain Screen (1.8m High)

Forest Garden plc
The original Europa garden screen. Sturdy and strong with mortise and tenon jointed framework, smooth planed timber construction, and elegant lines....

Sports Rebound Mesh

Gramm Barrier Systems Limited
Gramms SPORTS BRONZE REBOUND Mesh Fencing is the next generation of sports mesh. The integrated rebound panel gives an incredible true ball rebound and excellent durability....

Barbican Barbed Top

Jacksons Fencing
Barbican® Barbed-Top security fencing with its menacing barbs welded to the top of the pales acts as a highly effective deterrent and barrier to intruders. Panels are available in 2.25, 2.5m, 2.75m and 3.0m heights to prevent accidental injuries caused by con...

Europa Bradville Screen (1.8m high)

Forest Garden plc
This subtle curved top panel design and chevron styled construction will provide an elegant backdrop for any garden....

Grating Fences

Grating fences have a contemporary appearance, well suited to a modern built environment. Within the compehensive range, the alternative apertures offer a subtley different visual aesthetic as well as performance characteristics appropriate to specialist app...

Profile 2 SD Series

Genwork Ltd
Weldmesh panel featuring twin horizontal wires to give high rigidity and resistance to cutting. Benefits * Attractive appearance * Excellent through vision * High levels of rigidity * Wide range of colour options * Available as a complete system Application C...

Perimeter Intrusion Detection System PIDS

Jacksons Fencing
New and exclusively from Jacksons Security, the Jaktronic® advanced Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS), probably the most sophisticated electric perimeter security for boundary enhancement available today. Designed, developed and tested to operate r...

Profile 3 Series

Genwork Ltd
A well proven and tested design offering the most cost effective solution to Perimeter Security. Profile 3 Series is a range of 3.0m wide welded mesh panel systems which derive their rigidity through pressed 'V' Beams. Heights range fron 1726 to 2426mm....
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Did you know that the Weight for products within the Fencing category, can range from 10 kg to 40 kg and the average is 21 kg?

Branded Perimeter Fence Materials

Industrial Textiles & Plastics Ltd
We stock a wide range of materials suitable for perimeter fence covers, offering a variety of benefits including privacy, increased security, fire safety and noise reduction. Powerclad materials can be fully customised to turn your building site into a promo...